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Default Re: +;The NEW Official Pe2k Podcast Thread;+ [Check for permanent places!] - Intro up

Yes, I've heard all previous Podcast. I felt they went on too long and were nothing more than just a bunch of friends posting a chat for the community with Pokemon being the means of them getting together.

While they still brought an element of Pokemon and Pe2k to them, they'd diverge from what the means of the actual Podcast was originally suppose to be about.

I didn't state just 15 minutes. It's 15 through 30 minutes long. This time frame allows for your general banter and forces you to keep to the main focus of the Podcast. That being about Pe2k and Pokemon. Which is what would make it the Official Pe2k Podcast.

While the time frame may be short, it allows you to make MANY more episodes and to continue on topics from previous Podcast. If they go on for longer you'll lose the listeners attention. I honestly found myself doing other things while listening to it in the back round instead of just focusing on the actual discussions you all were having.

I'm not saying you should change the way the actual conversations happen. Just have some sort of organization to it all so it will flow better. Still keep an element of who you are and your twist, while being constricted by the general time frame and format.
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