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Default A Peek into the Insanity of Gira's Mind

No, seriously. Don't walk away. Hey, where are you going? Wait!

Anyway, as some of you may have noticed, I've got a lot of plot bunnies rushing around in my head. I've tried to bring them out early, but it seems that the combination of life and Wings Have We have stifled them all. (R.I.P. Abecedarian, Rock Megaphone, and Digimon Adventure 0X!) And the story ideas just don't stop coming. So because I fear for my sanity if I don't, I'm going to post short summaries of the ideas I have for almost every single one of my plot bunnies for your viewing pleasure. Even though these are very brief, input would be loved, because most of them have gotten zero development outside of what I've done with them, and this makes me sadface deeply.

Abecedarian: Some kid from Pastoria City (going by the name of Rodney Harrison; this might sound familiar) meets a shady person in black messing around at his local lake, who drops a very odd-looking stone tile. He turns out to be an Unown in human form, and the tile is what gives him his powers. From there on in, Rodney discovers a little metagame fun called the Mystery Zone -- or Unknown/Unown Zone -- and discovers a plan to overthrow the Legendary Court, run by a group with some nasty ties to the Unown and Rodney's past.

Rock Megaphone: Most of what you may have known about the old Rock Megaphone is probably gone now. The details are the same -- the plot coupons are the Seven Treasures (say goodbye to the Electric Guitar), the heroes are Rescue Team Kamikaze (Cantre the Aerodactyl and Shiva the Vaporeon). The villains and everything else... still foggy.

Genericana: A sequel to 2008's Metal Coat in the same way that Wings Have We is; there's a shared main character, but not much else is the same. The two main characters are Anakrista -- AKA Kris -- and Koya, a couple of International Police agents sent to investigate an area of Kanto where reports state that local Pokémon have stopped evolving. As it turns out, the root of the problem is not something that can be solved by human hands... but conveniently, Kris and Koya have both been transformed into Eevees with no means of contacting the International Police. As Eevees, they continue their investigation, even when the Police start to bring down the world around them.

Don't Stop the Future: Set at least fifteen years before the events of Wings (yes, I do actually have a timeline for all of this), nineteen-year-old Marzel "Lugia" Blackwood trips upon a Shiny Celebi lying in the street... except it's not a Celebi. It's one of several alternately-colored copies created by Mew. But now Mew has been exiled and the 'Shiny' Legendaries have been scattered across the region of Johto, and Marzel is sent on a quest by Arceus to go round them up before they raze the entire world to the ground. The problem? The Shiny Legends are harmless, Arceus is a prick who has been directly responsible for almost every negative event in Marzel's life, and Marzel himself is an all-grown-up delinquent who trolls New Bark with his Typhlosion and punts wild Pokémon for the fun of it.

Tellurian Days Earthshaker Rocco: A big, glorious parody of Magical Girl shows in the Sailor Moon vein, with a little PMD mixed in for good measure. When 'master thief' and fifteen-year-old perv Rocco Pautenaude attempts to steal a precious pendant said to channel the energy of Jirachi himself, he accidentally gets himself transferred to another world as a Lopunny. What's worse, he's accidentally consumed a mystical fruit which gives him superpowers that label him as the Hero of Light (or the Hika-Mi), and is now bound by the power of the Wishing-Star (that would be Jirachi) to defeat the forces of the maniacal Typhon, the Hero of Darkness/Aku-mi. He also has a Cute Monster Sidekick, which is Jirachi in the form of a little kitty cat.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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