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Default Re: +;The NEW Official Pe2k Podcast Thread;+ [Check for permanent places!] - Intro up

Originally Posted by Giratina View Post
Have you put this episode up on iTunes yet? Because I haven't gotten it. Just curious.
Yes, and I've put up the intro as well. For me they've appeared, but for other people they seem not to. D: Have you changed the settings so it finds one every hour or so? o:

Originally Posted by XaiakuX View Post
8 AM EST-4 - Eastern US Time Zone
7 AM CST-5 Central US Time Zone
1 PM GMT +1 England Time Zone
2 pm GMT +2 Germany Time Zone
10 PM GMT+10 Australian Time Zone

Pretty sure that's accurate, I got it from so.. I swear they used to be different. EST I'm pretty sure was always -5.. but it's whatever to me. xD

So is this okay? I'm just trying to create equal opportunity, here but I can't give it to everyone.. xD
Okay. Well I figured that 9pm here would be too early, and I'm happy to move it up to 10pm, or even 10:30. Gemma, even though you'd want to, you don't have to stay the entire time. Pretty sure I mentioned that I could easily move it up one our if need be. x) I just can't do that on a weeknight (apart from Friday night), so if we continuously do the podcasts on either a Friday or Saturday night (I'm fine with either!) then that'd be great. ^^

Originally Posted by Daughter of Mew View Post
I was mentioned. omg am i famous now?

I think it's a sign that I should be a guest in an episode. If it's 1 PM I can't see why I can't make it, I'm not in school anymore. :3
YES YOU ARE. I was excited you were mentioned too. xD

That's awesome. ;3 You should. xD Well 1pm sounds great!

Originally Posted by Anastasia-R View Post
I'm dying. xDD I loved the first episode. =] Caleb taught me Torchics have ears, GS told me some jokes, AND YOU GUYS TALKED ABOUT GENDERS WITH LEGENDARIES. And other stuff. c=

Good episode, guys. xD Well, I loved it because I laughed so much!
xDDD Thanks! 8D Ahaha, glad you learned. ^^ Yeah. Yay! Thanks for listening! xD

Originally Posted by Shen View Post
Oooh, this is very nice ^^. Sounds like fun to enough for me to wanna be in the next Podcast, if not a more permanent position!

I realize if I do get to be in the podcast and I am the only one new in the lineup, I shall be the oldest one there. For while XaiakuX is 20...I am 22 x3
THANKS SHEN. c: It is fun. xD I see! Well if you can make it to each one, then sure. Of course, I'm making everyone who wants to be recurring be in an episode at one point to guarantee their spot, so after you're in at least one, then that'll be fine. :3

ALSO IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR ANY TOPICS YOU WISH FOR US TO DISCUSS, JUST MENTION IT. Or. You can try to get in the next podcast so you can raise the point yourself. ^^

Thanks for listening! 8D

Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
Pe2k's spiritual successor! :D I'm Suicune's Fire there.
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