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"Rai!" Raichu cried as she got ready to unleash the Discharge. Mienfoo's eyes squarted as he locked down on Raichu, his shoe-like feet digging into the grass. He planted himself there, trying to look as if he didn't care, but you could see it in his eyes when he had that look of determination and power. I smiled at him, but he either didn't care or didn't see. This seemed like a real cool Pokemon and I knew now that I definitely did want it. Raichu's tail gave a swish, making a soft whooshing noise as dozens of electrical sparks shot out from her cheek pouches. They shot out erratically and all over the place. Mienfoo tried to jump out of they way, but a good bit hit him and the paralysis from earlier wasn't helping him being agaile or quick when trying to dodge the Discharge.

Mienfoo's eyes closed momentarily and this was when Raichu took the moment to do her Wild Charge. She leapt down onto all fours and charged forward as though she was doing a Quick Attack, flying by at extremely fast speeds. Her body started to glow a dark yellow colour as almost all of her electricity was being used to generate the attack and strength of it. As soon as Mienfoo's eyes shot open, they enlarged quickly and he got rammed into by the charging Raichu. They both let out grunts in pain but Mienfoo dropped down to one knee, cringing in pain. He got up really quickly, ignoring the pain like a mad bastard and turned to Raichu. He brought both his hands together and began to charge up another attack.

****, I was impressed at the balls this Mienfoo had.

"Okay, Raichu. I'm getting ready to capture this Mienfoo. Stand back!"

She leapt backwards out of the way as I pulled out a Park Ball. I chucked it straight towards the Mienfoo. It opened up as it was designed to and a red beam of light emerged and swallowed the Mienfo. The ball dropped to the ground and begin to wiggle on the grass slowly...
(13:50:47) Breadfan: (as evidenced by the lack of rapture right now)
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