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Default Re: +;The NEW Official Pe2k Podcast Thread;+ [Check for permanent places!] - Intro up

Originally Posted by Gem N Ems View Post
Don't worry, I do that too. xD I'll say things I don't mean and then later I'll be all like "well that was a little harsh..." :x

My connection seemed to suck there. I updated my Skype too, guys. XD Perhaps I can sound clearer next time. I hope it's not my inbuilt mic.

And Xanthe, you weren't quiet. If anything, I was. xD
Gemma.. Recall our first call, it cut out a lot? It didn't do it hardly at all with our call last night. So I think updating your skype helped that.

Downloading the podcast, now.

Okay then. The way I see it. You central time zone folks are having a problem with the time.

I suggest this. Move the Podcast up an hour. 7 AM Central, 8 AM Eastern. 10 PM Australians. 1 pm England, and I think 2 pm Germany. It seems to fit everyone's little time problem right? But understand that not everyone is going to be recurring, hell I'm surprised I got it. Because, understand that having a bunch of people talk at once makes it more and more difficult to keep track of, and to stay on topic. Also, it's clear that not everyone will be able to be on the podcast unless they woke up drastically early, or stayed up incredibly late. But if you REALLY want to be on that podcast, then do it. I did.. xD

Understand, that I'm not making any decisions. None. I'm just putting this out there from my point of view. The decisions are up to Xanthe and Mike. I'm just a member throwing out what he sees and making a suggestion. There will be weeks when I'm not there just to give someone else some lime light. Although this weekend is a special weekend so I must be on there.

As far as time zones, Xanthe, I think this could do just fine, on either day of Saturday or Friday. I don't really wanna hear any complaints about the lack of sleep, because anyone who's already listened to the podcast knows that I only got 2 hours of sleep before starting it up.

8 AM EST-4 - Eastern US Time Zone
7 AM CST-5 Central US Time Zone
1 PM GMT +1 England Time Zone
2 pm GMT +2 Germany Time Zone
10 PM GMT+10 Australian Time Zone

Pretty sure that's accurate, I got it from so.. I swear they used to be different. EST I'm pretty sure was always -5.. but it's whatever to me. xD

So is this okay? I'm just trying to create equal opportunity, here but I can't give it to everyone.. xD
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