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Default Re: Do you believe in God etc?

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post

I see you are still utterly failing at grasping my point...

So, explain this: If you believe in God because there's nothing disproving him, then why do you believe in God but not unicorns? After all, there's nothing disproving unicorns either?
I don't believe in God, but I believe in the possibility of there being one.

And no, I totally get the point. But is there anything wrong with somebody believing in a unicorn if they want to?

Think of it like this. I could say there is a magical teapot that orbits the sun about the same time span we do, 365 days. Now, you cannot do anything to disprove it, and I cannot prove it, but it is not hurting anything.

Of course, you and your constant need to be right means you will bring up the many wars started by religious people. And of course, I will point out that there have been plenty of wars based on other things, that have been just as gruesome and aggressive, and you will totally deny the fact and/or find something absolutely obscure to counter it because YOU MUST BE RIGHT all the time.

@Orthar No, I did not. I apologize. I thought you actually believed the Old Testament was true.
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