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Default Re: Do you believe in God etc?

Originally Posted by Mike Posner View Post
I was brought up to believe in God
That literally means nothing. That's like standing in a garage and saying you're a car. You can say what you are all you want, but you need to be able to have sufficient information and truly believe in what you do to be able to back it up and support it. This statement is like supporting one of Darwin's theories (I can't recall the specific name for it) that anything raised in a certain environment will adopt those characteristics. For example, a child raised in a household of alcoholics will be an alcoholic when he grows up.

Originally Posted by Daughter of Mew View Post
And anyway, isn't God meant to be all-loving and all-powerful? So God should be able to let everyone into heaven irrelevant of what they've done. Forgive, love your enemies, all that jazz.
No, that's often the projected image that uneducated Christians come up with, and it's often used against Christianity as a way to discourage any means of people trying to convert others (because sometimes it's used with force), so the harsh truth about God is, most of the time, kept secret. There's more to God than His immense love and his omnipotence. He's very wrathful towards sin, which has been inhabiting all of us ever since Adam and Eve took a bite out of the forbidden fruit. We are judged solely on how much we believe that the ultimate perfect sacrifice, Jesus, died for us to cover our sins so we are allowed into heaven and how willing we are to give our lives to Him in return. Not everyone deserves to go to heaven, but if God were to just let everyone in regardless of what they did while they were alive, that would make him hypocritical and would throw out everything that the Bible was trying to convey to us.

Originally Posted by Orthar View Post
With the Bible, it shouldn't matter to a believer if it is relevant or not. It's God's word!
Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Agreed. The Bible definitely should not be used to back up evidence.
What people seem to fail to realize about the Bible is one important matter.

The word "Testament" means "Covenant," which is basically a promise.
Both Testaments should not be used at the same time for quotes and evidence, unless it's such pointing towards the New Testament. The Old Testament's rituals and beliefs were rendered useless once Jesus came along and proclaimed a new promise from God. The New Testament is what should be followed, not the entire Bible (unless, again, there are references in the OT that point to some parts of the NT).

tl;dr: The old promises of the OT are disregarded and the new ones of the NT are the ones that should be observed and kept.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
It is up to humans, however, to accept it. One can hear all the evidence in the world and still be willfully ignorant,
I can agree with this.

Christianity is supposed to be a faith and a friendship, not a religion. If I remember correctly, "religion" in the ancient times was often referred to as "law," meaning you had to follow it or face the harsh consequences/die. The New Testament now says that you have a choice to follow it, but you have to follow it by faith. "Religion" is also defined as "an obligation to follow a god or gods," meaning "you have to or else," and again, Christianity is supposed to be a faith and a friendship and is not supposed to work in the way of slavery. However if you want to use terms of slavery, think of it as being a slave to God in happiness willingly.


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