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Default Mr's NUZLOCKE! (Emerald)

~MR's Emerald Nuzlocké~

•Only female Pokémon allowed (inspired by Shen). However if the species is male-only/genderless it's allowed.
•Only the first Pokémon on the route is allowed to be captured. If that 'Mon is male you may choose to run/kill it. If you do, you MUST catch the next female you see.
•All Pokémon must be given nicknames (theme: Touhou)
•'Mon fainted in battle must be released/put in dead box. If the starter faints, you may start over from last save point.

My first locké. Well let's see how long I last.

------- Warning: boring ahead!

We'll skip the intro and formalities and get to the part where I pick the starter.
Treecko, meh.
Torchic, bleh.

*Picks and sends it out*

*Sees it's a male*

A, B, Start, Select.

*Starts again*

Another male.

*Soft reset*

Finally. Now I go battle Brendan, etc. Let's get something good.
One male Wurmple. Well, I'd better go on.

One female Wurmple! Yes!


Right. One starter and one caterpillar. I'll win right easy now!

-------^ Will update with something more interesting.

Current team:
◘Suika the Mudkip (Lv. 9)
◘Komachi the Wurmple (Lv. 3)


No one dead... yet.