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Default Re: Do you believe in God etc?

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
Terrible reason to believe in God. It's like saying that if your parents were Satanists, you'd do so as well just because you're brought up that way. It doesn't matter what your parents think in the matters of religion: you have to find your own reasons. Only then are you actually intellectually capable of actually holding discussion about religion.
Not a terrible reason. One can be raised to be an Atheist, and looking by your logic, that is a terrible thing. When I first became Agnostic, I thought my parents attempted to brainwash me into becoming Catholic when I was little, and that is what it is. But, I also realized anyone with an agenda can do that, so, Atheists can be quite guilty of it too.

Intellectually capable? This person seems to be, despite being taught at an early age to believe in God. Want to know why? The person is questioning. That is a brilliant thing, because despite the way you are looking at it, this person is not a mindless follower of Christ.

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
You should learn about evolution before making a comment like this, since this is a marvelous display of the Dunning Kruger effect.
I do agree with this, but instead of acting like a jerk about it, explain the theory (and subsequent fact, until proven otherwise).

The Big Bang theory is much more complex, and has nothing to do with two rocks smacking together. It has to do with, essentially, an atomic explosion occurring, causing matter to fly all over the place. Now, keep in mind, matter makes up everything. There are different types of matter, Dark Matter, Anti Matter, Red Matter, and, well, your regular Matter. Despite the point, the explosion was theoretically caused by the first two atoms. Now, keep in mind, Albert Einstein was completely false when it came to actual Quantum Physics. Matter can be created or destroyed, but at different levels. Until proven otherwise, the only thing that cannot be created or destroyed is energy itself. Different subject entirely, but I digress.

The explosion opened up pathways for all sorts of different materials, and as you know (hopefully), the periodic table displays only the materials in our remote area (there may be more). And yes, chance is real. Statistics states that. Of course, chance does vary depending on math. And as it was very unlikely that the certain chemical process happened to give life, it is certainly not impossible.

There are several theories on how life arrived, not how it was created. We all know how it was created. How it arrived is a different matter. The Pan Spermia theory tends to be the most favored by the great thinkers such as Stephen Hawking. The Pan Spermia theory states that asteroids already baring the microscopic life impacted on our newly formed planet. If the same has happened here however, you also have to consider the possibility of life on other planets. And no, not aliens, but rather, creatures simply inhabiting other planets. They may look similar or totally different, depending how they adapted. Adapted.

Key word there. Evolution teaches nothing less, and nothing more. Evolution simply teaches that living things, such as us, develop over time. Did you know that humans existed well before the time of God? Not necessarily before his existence, but well before we knew of him supposedly. That shows that we did not need his light to evolve into the thinking of a god. Several different areas around the world developed almost the same beliefs. The sun being the giver of life, and there being other gods or demigods in charge of other places.

Did you know Christianity would have been TOTALLY different had the Greeks and Romans never influenced it? Arch angels like Michael and Gabriel are both based off different Greek demigods. Which is plainly shows that religion evolves overtime. How does it do this? Either two possible answers. God evolves, or our minds do. Of course, if God evolves, we can safely assume he is a far different God than what most Christians think. If it is our minds evolving, we can safely say that there is no God influencing that specific belief. And since every religion changes, adapts, and evolves, we can say that God influences no religion. Yet, back to the Big Bang theory. How did the first two atoms come into existence? Not even Hawking has an answer for that. The only thing we can do is either believe God did it and continue to find an answer until it fills up the place for the need of the Maker, or we can say there is no God, and search for an answer that fills of that space. That is also assuming there is no God, which cannot be proven as of yet. Which, of course, makes Agnosticism, logically, the most correct belief.

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
What does it matter if there is one God or multiple gods? Heck, how do you know your religion is the right one? There are hundreds of thousands of religions out there. Every single one of them claim to be the right religion. Heck, some religions don't even have gods.
How do you know your belief is the right one? There are no facts proving God doesn't exist, so you are simply placing your beliefs that there is no such thing. You simply believe it, same as these people believe in a God. The only difference is sometimes Abrahamic religions can be stubborn and aggressive about such things. Of course, you are also being quite aggressive and much of a jerk when this person is only stating his beliefs and opinions. That shows that the religious are not the only ones guilty of such a fault.

Simply put, there may or may not be a God. While science seems to be the only one making any progress in researching natural happenings, there is no evidence to disprove the existence of a Maker either. So, in all fairness, there is no definite answer.
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