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Default Re: Would you mind a script?

Thank you, that's very helpful. I don't know about voicing, there are a lot of characters and some require voice editing software.
I guess I'll post the first episode now.
Actually, I'll post a small sample now.

EP1 SCENE 1 Setting: Frozen tundra. Mounds of ice and rock litter the battlefield. Human-like forces fight robotic units. Time: Afternoon DemonMaster stands looking over a huge battle from a balcony of a floating battleship.

DemonMaster: (voiceover) Those foolish soldiers. They believe they can suppress my forces with their inferior technology. They have yet to understand my intentions. The closer I get to their archives in the 'Valley the closer I am to finding out more about the Superkid. (aloud) Where are you hiding?

A larger drone with a spear and heavy armor appears. It’s bulky exterior is supported by a hovering jet attached to it.

DemonMaster: What do you want?

Security Drone: Unit Capitus found Dux Ferrum behind enemy lines and are interrogating him for information on your remuneror.

DemonMaster: Show me the feed.

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