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Default Should homosexuals be allowed to marry?

Should homosexuals be allowed to marry?

Write down what you think and why.

I got this question in my practise GCSE question and i answered,
I believe that H-S should not be allowed to get married because my faith says that women were made for men and men were made for women.
But other people might argue that they should be able to battle because it is a human rights to get married and have children and it does not say anything against homosexuals.

Most weddings take place in religious places and if a man and man were to get married they would have to ask the leader of the religious place if it is okay for them to marry in their place of worship,
i would say no again because of my faith and the fact that if they were to adopt a child little kids would be swearing at the homosexual dads calling them abrupt words and i do not think it would be fair on the kid they adopt that they have to go through that.
But some people might disagree with me and say it is there choice.