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Default Re: 5th Gen Fallen and Rising stars -Unfinnished

I'm not sure it fits the bill, as it was a top tier Pokemon in the DPP meta, but with Infinite Rain and the Rise of 2 extremely powerful Pokemon in Reuniclus and Latios, Jirachi has found itself on many a competitive team. Tangrowth is another Pokemon I'd reccomend. While it didn't gain any potent abilities or moves like Espeon and Cloyster, it got a nice new ability in Regenerator, and also has found a niche in walling/countering powerful physical attackers like Landorus, Excadrill, and Terrakion. Suicune is probably an example of a Pokemon that has fallen in both usage and prominence, considering what a force it was in metagames of the past, now you barely see it. Other than that, nice list!

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