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Default Tournament: Gym Leader Battle Royale!

Hi all,

So yeah, I came up with a fun idea for a tournament. It could go horribly wrong, or it could end up being a great success. Either way it's significantly different from traditional competitive battling and will force participants to get creative!

Participant numbers are open ended. If we get an even 16, we can have a straight knockout tournament. If there are less (Or more, for the sake of optimism!), I'll put together some small divisions to round the numbers up/down.

So yeah, the rules:

This tournament will be hosted on Pokemon Online.
6 v 6 singles
Tiers/Banlist: N/A, see "special rule"
-Wifi Battle Clause
-Sleep Clause
-OHKO Clause
-Evasion Clause
-Hax Item Clause
-Self KO Clause
-Moody Clause
-Swift Swim/Drizzle Combination Ban

The unique spin this tournament takes is that you will not be picking your lineup, Game Freak have already decided them for you!
-Each participant must choose a lineup of pokemon used at some point by a Gym Leader, Eliter Four Member, or Elite Four Champion, across the third, fourth or fifth generation of games.
-The player must not change this lineup, with the exception of NFE pokemon. The player may choose to evolve any Pokemon up to its maximum stage.
-Given that some Gym Leaders use multiples of certain Pokemon or Pokemon which would otherwise be banned, Species Clause is not in effect for this tournament, and Ubers are allowed.
-Only the Pokemon lineup needs to be exact (With the above exception), the movesets, levels, items etc of the Pokemon are entirely up to the user to choose. Unreleased Dream World abilities are still banned.
-Each Leader/E4 Member/Champion may only be used by one player. Once that individual has been chosen by a user, that lineup and any other lineups they may have become off limits to other users (With the exception of doubles lineups, which will become off limits if both members are already chosen. If a doubles lineup is chosen when one member is already off limits, the second member becomes off limits)
-Lineups will be picked anonymously, on a first come first serve basis. Once the tournament is full (either 8 or 16 participants, depending on level of interest), I shall set a date where participants can PM me their desired charactor and lineup, along with their second, third, fourth and fifth choices, and so on. There will be several days notice, with multiple PM reminders coming from me in the run up to the event. You do not have to put the entire list into a desired order, but it helps because if all of your choices are taken, it holds up the rest of the queue while I wait for you to pick again. First reply gets first pick, and so on. If their first choice is taken already, they will be allocated their next available preference. For the sake of fairness, I will choose from the remaining teams after each player has been allocated their chosen.
-Once teams are determined, I will post a list of who has obtained what.

The following spoiler contains all 6-pokemon rosters used across fourth and fifth generations, and where they came from. While you are more than welcome to use a roster where a Gym Leader/E4 Member with 5 or less Pokemon, you are obviously putting yourself at a disadvantage. I think I have compiled all of them, let me know if I have missed a lineup that you wish to use.
Gym Leaders

Brock (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Golem, Relicanth, Omastar, Kabutops, Rampardos, Onix(Steelix)
Misty (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Quagsire, Lapras, Lanturn, Floatzel, Milotic, Starmie
Lt Surge (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Magnezone, Electrode, Manectric, Electivire, Pachirisu, Raichu
Erika (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Jumpluff, Victreebel, Bellossom, Shiftry, Roserade, Tangrowth
Janine (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Ariados, Toxicroak, Weezing, Drapion, Crobat, Venomoth
Sabrina (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Espeon, Mr Mime, Jynx, Wobbuffet, Gallade, Alakazam
Blaine (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Torkoal, Camerupt, Rapidash, Magcargo, Houndoom Magmortar
Blue (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Machamp, Arcanine, Exeggutor, Rhyperior, Tyranitar, Pidgeot
Falkner (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Staraptor, Noctowl, Swellow, Honchkrow, Pelipper, Pidgeot
Bugsy (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Shedinja, Vespiquen, Pinsir, Heracross, Yanmega, Scizor
Whitney (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Bibarel, Lickilicky, Clefable, Girafarig, Delcatty, Miltank
Morty (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Driblim, Dusknoir, Sableye, Mismagius, Gengar, Gengar
Chuck (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Medicham, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Breloom, Primeape, Poliwrath
Jasmine (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Bronzong, Skarmory, Empoleon, Metagross, Magnezone, Steelix
Pryce (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Abomasnow, Glalie, Froslass, Dewgong, Walrein, Mamoswine
Claire (HGSS, Gym Leader Rematches): Dragonair(Dragonite), Gyarados, Charizard, Kingdra, Dragonite
Roxanne (Emerald, Match Call): Golem, Aerodactyl, Omastar, Kabutops, Seelix, Nosepass (Probopass)
Brawly (Emerald, Match Call): Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Machamp, Medicham, Hitmontop, Hariyama
Wattson (Emerald, Match Call): Electabuzz(Electivire), Raichu, Ampharos, Electrode, Magneton(Magnezone), Manectric
Flannery (Emerald, Match Call): Arcananine, Magcargo, Houndoom, Camerupt, Rapidash, Torkoal
Norman (Emerald, Match Call): Blissey, Slaking, Kangaskhan, Tauros, Spinda, Slaking
Winona (Emerald, Match Call): Noctowl, Tropius, Pelipper, Dragonite, Skarmory, Altaria
Tate & Liza (Emerald, Match Call): Hypno, Slowking, Claydol, Xatu, Lunatone, Solrock
Juan (Emerald, Match Call): Lapras, Whiscash, Politoed, Walrein, Crawdaunt, Kingdra
Volkner & Flint (Platinum, Battle Frontier): Jolteon, Luxray, Electivire, Houndoom, Flareon, Magmortar

Elite 4 Members and Champions
Champion Steven (RS): Skarmory, Cradily, Claydol, Armaldo, Aggron, Metagross
Champion Wallace (Emerald): Wailord, Tentacruel, Ludiculo, Gyarados, Whiscash, Milotic
Champion Blue (FRLG, Pre-Sevii): Pidgeot, Alakazam, Rhydon(Rhyperior), and either;
-Gyarados, Arcanine, Venusaur
-Exeggutor, Gyaradoz, Charizard
-Arcanine, Exeggutor, Blastoise
Champion Blue (FRLG, Post-Sevii): Heracross, Alakazam, Tyranitar, and either of the aforementioned combinations
Will (HGSS, E4 Rematch): Bronzong, Jynx, Grumpig, Slowbro, Gardevoir, Xatu
Koga (HGSS, E4 Rematch): Skuntank, Venomoth, Toxicroak, Muk, Crobat, Swallot
Bruno (HGSS, E4 Rematch): Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hariyama, Machamp, Lucario
Karen (HGSS, E4 Rematch): Weavile, Spiritomb, Absol, Honchkrow, Houndoom, Umbreon
Champion Lance (HGSS, E4): Gyarados, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, Dragonite, Charizard, Dragoite
Champion Lance (HGSS, E4 Rematch): Salamence, Gyarados, Garchomp, Altaria, Charizard, Dragonite
Champion Lance and Claire (HGSS, Dragons Den): Dragonair(Dragonite), Kingdra, Dragonite, Gyarados, Charizard, Dragonite
"Champion" Red (HGSS): Pikachu (Raichu), Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Lapras, Snorlax
Champion Cynthia (DP): Spiritomb, Garchomp, Gastrodon, Milotic, Roserade, Lucario
Champion Cynthia (Platinum): Spiritomb, Garchomp, Togekiss, Milotic, Roserade, Lucario
Champion Cynthia (BW): Spiritomb, Eelektross, Miltoic, Braviary, Lucario, Garchomp
Shauntal (BW, E4 Rematch): Cofagrigus, Jellicent, Golurk, Froslass, Diblim, Chandelure
Grimsley (BW, E4 Rematch): Scrafty, Krookodile, Liepard, Sharpedo, Drapion, Bisharp
Caitlin (BW, E4 Rematch): Reuniclus, Sigilyph, Musharna, Bronzong, Metagross, Gothielle
Marshal (BW, E4 Rematch): Breloom, Throh, Sawk, Conkeldurr, Toxicroak, Mienshao
Champion Alder (BW): Accelgor, Bouffalant, Druddigon, Vanilluxe, Escavalier, Volcarona

I think that's everything, so who's in?

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