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Arrow Worst Collector Ever :curios, bazzar, emporium, Dream World etc:

I've been collecting for some time but as the title states Im the worst collector in the world. I dont have the biggest collection like a pro collector but its something.
I also want to make note that I have a list of both UT and Touched events hence the name worst collector.?.?
best example i can give is my TRU Arceus you will find SOME may have an Effort Ribbon and maybe more depending on which game it was on (just a heads up).

Im only interested in events I dont yet have myself. BUT i do trade for Natures too so please be sure to make clear what you have to offer me as Im doing my best to make very clear what it is I have on stock to offer you.

Do not PM me or VM me(those are for serious battles only and you will be ignored trying to suey me that way), post what it is you have AND want here.

Ablsolutely No Spamming.

I reserve the right to not deal with some people thats it. plenty of shops around if I dont want what you have..

I have been deleting anything in my games i fiind to be hacks.. all mine are Legit pkmn so i in return expect the same...

I offer kloning to Gen V and Gen IV. I can check EVs & IVs or I can EV wipe for you (meaning if you have pkmn with unwanted EVs i can get those to 0 EVs), Items, balls , rare candy.

Check with each section of my LIST as i will post above each one my specific wants for that criteria such as events I dont yet have, DW females I dont already have, If i do already have it and yours is a different nature make an offer depends on the poke. I accept both Touch and UT pokemon Please tell me if you're offering a T or UT ok.

Dream World

:Looking for legit UT DW starters:
If you want one that bad just ask but I will only trade a female of mine for a female of yours or you'll just get a male. I will breed for natures and IV if asked nicely so dont be afraid to ask.

Burmy- Smeargle - Gligar - Eevee - Poliwhirl - Lapras - Munna - Darumaka - Tentacool - Scyther - Butterfree - Buizel - Staravia - Corphish - Marill - Buneary - Chatot - Elekid - Pachirisu - Eggecute - Shinx - Mareep - Mareep - Lickitung - Stantler - Nodiran(f) - Tailow - Doduo- Kangaskahn - Lotad - Surskit - Relicanth - Murkrow - Omanyte - Leidyba - Tropius - Sudowoodo - Glameow - Seaking - Wailmer - Electrike - Vulpix - Igglybuff - Zigzagoon - Bellsprout - Skarmory - Dratini - Magikarp - Corsola - Banette - Smoochum - Bronzor - Mr Mime - Ralts - Snubbull - Houdour - Wobuffett - Drowzee - Natu - Chimeco - Abra - Sableye - Bagon -

Gen V Events

UT J-B & W events, US-B & W events
2012 VGC shiny Larvitar
UT Korean Popularity Poll DW Rayquaza.
DW Lucario (hidden ability)
V-Create Raquaza Lv 100
DW Altaria Lv 35
DW Porygon Lv 10
WORLD11 Moxie scrafty Lv 50
TRU Zoroark Lv 50
PC Shaymin Lv 50
PC Snivy Lv 5 must be in cherish ball
Singing Pichachu (f) Lv 30 must have light ball
ExtremeSpeed Pikachu
TRU Darkrai Lv 50 cherish ball
lets negotiate for any of the 6 shiny dragons i dont have any.

Janta's Golurk:(GMS) UT Adamant Lv 7o ID# 06171
Carita's Hydreigon Timid Lv 7o ID# 06171 Somewhat Vain 6-17-2011
J DreamWorld Arceus:(GMS) UT Timid Lv 1oo ID# 23415 Alert to sounds [awesome IVs where it counts]
Global Link Espeon:(GMS) UT Careful Lv 10 in Luxury ball
J WiFi Scraggy:(GMS) UT Adamant Lv 1 holding Muscle band in Cherish ball.
Pidove Egg US: (GMS)
US WiFi Pidove:(GMS) UT (f) Hardy Lv 1
Axew Egg US: (GMS)
US WiFi Axew:(GMS) UT (m) Naive Lv 1 good IVs
J WiFi Axew:(GMS)UT Naive Lv 1 nn KLonE
Liberty ticket Victini:(GMS) UT Timid
J WiFi Zoroark: (GMS)(Barely Touched to breed snarl) Quirky Lv 5o.Cherish & Ribbon
J[DreamWorld] Bday Togekiss:(GMS) 3/7/11 UT (m) Naive ~Super Luck~ Lv 10 Extremespeed/Aurasphere/Airslash/Present
J WiFi MewTwo: (GMS) UT Lv 70 Modest @KingsRock 9/26/11
Dream World Banette: (GMS) UT Modest .
Dream World US Croagunk: (GMS) UT Jolly & Adamnt
J WiFi Tornados: (GMS) 12/25/2011UT Mild holding Revival Herb
US WiFi Pokemon Movie 11 Victini: (GMS) UT Lonely/Timid @ Lv 5o holding a Fire Gem Cherish ball & Wishing Ribbon
US Dream World Mamoswine: (GMS) 12/25/2011 UT Relaxed/Jolly
US WiFi Mewtwo: (GMS) UT Timid x2 @KingsRock
J movie Reshiram: UT Modest @Dragon Gem
J movie Zekrom: UT Adamant @Dragon Gem
J DW Chimchar: UT IronFist
J DW Treecko Adamant-Unburden
US Global Link Arcues: (GMS) UT x2 Bold/Modest

Gen IV Events

:Looking for legit UT, T or BT events I do not have posted.
* = its a Shiny event
GMS = Got Myself
T = Touched
BT= Barely Touched
UT = Un-Touched
im also looking for different natures of what I already have so feel free to offer me something.

*VGC 09 Milotic #05099 Timid Lv 100 PKRS Classic,Sinnoh & Effort ribbon

SMR2010 Jirachi (GMS)# 06260 UT Lv 5 (i have all natures ) @ liechi berry, Classic ribbon Draco Meteor -Unlocks a route on Poke walker HG/SS-)

Aura Mew # 20078 UT Lv 10 Lonely
Mystery Mew # 06030 UT Lv 10 Hardy

10 ANIV Celebi # 00010 Lv 100 Bold (pkrs crd, EVd)

Alamos Darkrai #10308 UT Lv 50 Naughty @ Enigma berry

*PKMN Movie 09 Pichu (PCP)# 06199 UT Lv 30 Jolly @ everstone
*Gamestop Pichu (GMS)# 01300 BT Lv 30 Jolly@ everstone

Flower Paradise UT Shaymin (GMS) Lv 30 Jolly @ Lum Berry

TRU Arceus (GMS)# 11079 T Serious (cool, Smart, Smart Great, Gorgeous, Classic ribbons)/ Rash / Gentle

Crown Dogs #06180 UT
*Raikou Lv 30 Rash @ Micle
*Entei Lv 30 Adamant @ Custap
*Suicune Lv 30 Relaxed @ Rowap

*Gamestop Raikou (GMS) # 01031 UT Lv 30 Rash @Micle
*Gamestop Entei (GMS) # 01311 UT Lv 30 Adamant @ Custap
*Gamestop Suicune (GMS) # 01311 UT Lv 30 Relaxed @ Rowap

Ash's Pikachu (GMS) #01301 UT Lv 50 Naughty @ LighBall

TRU Shaymin # 02089 UT Lv 50 Modest @ Micle

Eigakan Shaymin (PKMN movie 08)# 07198 T Lv 51 @ Micle

Japanese PKMN event Mew #00000 T Lv 7 Adamant PKRS

10 ANIV Entei # 00010 UT Lv 70 Naughty

10TH Deoxys JapanesePKMN movie 07 #07147 T Lv 51 Naive Sinnoh champ

TRU Regigigas # 03089 UT Lv 100 Gentle

WISHMKR Jirachi # 20043 UT Lv 5 Timid

HayleyMew #01000 T Lv 61 Relaxed
MYSTRY Mew #06930 UT Lv 10 Timid

Hayley Shroomish # 01000 T Lv 45 Jolly

Gamestop Deoxys # 06218 BT(1 exp point i think) Lv 50 Rash

TRU Shaymin (GMS) #02089 T Lv 65 Lonely (pkrs crd, & lots of ribbons)

*CHANNEL Jirachi # 40122 T Lv 23 Modest Effort ribbon

Eigakan Celebi PKMN movie 10 #07100 BT Lv 50 Lax

*WIN2011 Entei (US)#02141 UT Lv 30 Adamant @ Custap

Pokemon Center Meowth #03209 T Lv 27 Jolly @ Amulet Coin

Eigakan Shaymin #07198 UT Lv 50 Serious @ Micle

HVR2011 Celebi (french i think) # 01211 UT Lv 50 Hasty @ Jaboca

Eigakan Arceus # 07189 UT Lv 100 Relaxed @ Rowap

Eigakan Darkrai # 07147 UT Lv 50 Rash @ Enigma

Eigakan Celebi #07100 UT Lv 50 Timid @ Jaboca

PC Tokyo Charmander #07208 UT Lv 40 Naive @ Lucky Egg

PC Nagoya Chimchar # 09129 UT Lv 40 Mild @ Lucky Egg

FAL2010 Mew (GMS) #10160 UT Lv 5 Hasty premier ribbon (NOTE:obtained months late from delivery guyso wrong date) / Quiet (correct date on HG)/
Modest(correct date on Arson HG) / Timid(correct date on GTS)

Gamestop Jirachi (GMS) # 02270 UT Lv 5 Adamant @ Leichi

MALL TOUR Celebi (GMS-1st Cali Date) x8
WIN2011 # 02211 UT Lv 50 @ Jaboca {Modest/ Lonely/ Gentle/ Bashfull/ Timid/ Mild/ Rash/ Quiet.



:Shiny for shiny.. tho if you have an EVd I dont have i may consider a trade for a shiny.
Looking for legit UT, T or BT shiniess I do not have posted.
GMS = Got Myself
T = Touched
BT= Barely Touched
UT = Un-Touched
im also looking for different natures of what I already have so feel free to offer me something.


Squirtle -Modest(m) nn "Donatello" Lv 11
Gorebyss -Sassy (m) UT Lv1
Duskull - Brave (f) nn"death" UT Lv 1
Dusknoir -Rash (m)EVd Lv 100
Slowpoke -Adamant (m) oblious UT Lv 1
Gliscor -Jolly (F) sandveil EvVd Lv 1oo
Swellow -Adamant (f) Guts EVd Lv1oo
Smeargle -Jolly (m) own tempo EVd Lv1oo
Salamence -Adamant (m) nn "Combaticus" EVd Lv 1oo
Crobat -Jolly (f) inner focus nn "Gypsum" EVd Lv 1oo
Dewgong -Mild (f) NN"Fuzion" EVd Lv 1oo
Charizard -Adamant (f) nn "Fellony" EVd Lv1oo
Gengar -Timid (m) nn "Teeving" EVd Lv 1oo
Focus Blast/Sub/painsplit/Shadowball
Dragonite -Lonely (m) inner focus nn "Bongzilla" EVd Lv1oo
Medicham -Adamant (m) pure power nn "meteorite" EVd Lv 1oo
Machamp -Adamant (f) no guard nn " she hulk" EVd Lv 1oo
Metagross -Adamant nn"Zendum" EVd Lv 1oo
Vaporeon X2 -Bold (m)water absorb nn"Oktion" EVd Lv 1oo
Quirky^ (f)Lv 16 tailwhip/helpinghand/sandattack/growl
Tyranitar -Hasty(f) sandstream EVd Lv1oo
Ninetails -Timid(f) Flasfire nn"Nightwish" EVd lv 1oo
confuse ray/Xtrasensory/energyball/fireblast
Heracross -Adamant(m)swarm T Lv 6o
Butterfree -Timid(f) Compoundeyes Lv 18
Koffing -Docile(f)nn"Smogo" Lv 15
Duosion -Serious(m) Lv34
J-Whimsicott -Naive(m) Prankster Lv 1oo [EVs unsure]
Golett -Quirky ironfist Lv 3o
Uxie -Modest nn"Selfe" Lv1oo not EVd by me
J-Cinccino -Bashful(m) technician Lv 58
J-Gigalith -Timid(f) sturdy Lv34
Latias -Modest nn'Lepper"EVd Lv1oo
Latias -Timid EVd Lv 1oo
Latios -Bold nn "Apokelypse" Evd Lv1oo
Latios -Hasty PKRS Lv 51
Pidgey -Bold(m) nn"Porthos" Lv 5o
Gible -Adamant(f) Lv 5o
Sandshrew -Relaxed(f) nn "Chakra" Lv5o
Mewtwo [GMS] -Mild nn"Kloner" EVd Lv1oo
Ho-oh [GMS] nn"Oyeken" Evd Lv1oo
Landorus [GMS]-Hasty (m) UT Lv70
Deoxys UT Japanese Mild
Joltik [GMS]-Modest (f) unnerve UT Lv1
leech life/spider web/thunderbolt/volt switch


Pokérus Empire

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