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Default Re: [Open!] Shop De Sprite! [Mawile Rocks//Tombi!]

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
Mawile, what's the difference between your multi fusions...and your fusions? .__. Aren't they both just fusions?

Multi-fusions are combos of several Pokémon as opposed to just two. As in the sheet, I've combined Girafarig, Areodactyl, and Houndoom to make a new creature, with little hint of what made it. In the Umbreon/Vulpix, you can clearly see both 'mon.

Originally Posted by Giant Golurk View Post
For Mawile_Rocks !

Pokémon/what you want done: I would like a pre-evolution of lickitung please :)
On it!


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