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Default Re: ATF's Pond of Judging

R/S/E Festival

Captain Dude w/ Electivire[1]
AlaskaPidgeon w/ Dragonite
Synthesis w/ Electivire[2]
Ash K w/ Medicham
ChainReaction01 w/ Gallade
Derian w/ Dewgong

Once one person used a nervous move every round had somebody using it.

1st[ribbon]: Medicham[Beauty] w/ 660pts. +3.5k
2nd: Electivire[2] w/ 540pts. +3k
3rd: Gallade w/ 500pts + 2.5k
4th: Dewgong w/ 480pts +2k
5th: Dragonite w/ 440pts +1.5k
6th: Electivire[1] w/ 420pts. +1k

Me: 4.0k
Coordinator Stat's

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