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Default Re: What's Your D/P/P Team?

Platinum Team..

Lvl: 56 Torterra (Giga Drain, Cut, Crunch, Razor Leaf)
Lvl: 46 Rhyperior ( Hammer Arm, Strength, Rock Smash, Rock Climb)
Lvl: 52 Golduck (Surf, Zen Headbutt, Ice Beam, Waterfall)
Lvl: 44 Electivire (Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Thunderpunch, Discharge)
Lvl: 50 Giratina (Fly, Ancient Power, Dragon Claw, Shadow Force)
Lvl: 53 Rapidash (Flame Wheel, Fire Blast, Stomp, Bounce)

Haven't Managed to beat the E4 yet... But I'll get there...
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