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Default Re: Future Team Speculations and Wishes (may include spoilers for dub watchers)

Ash's Team
Pikachu (M)-He hasn't evolved yet so why evolve him now.
Tranquil (F) >>> Unfezant (F)- She will evolve because Ash's flying types always evolve to the last evo.
Oshawott (M) >>>? Dewott (M)- He will probably evolve at least once. Then again he may not because other water type starters didn't except for Brock's Mudkip
Snivy (F) >>> Servine (F) >>> Serperior (F)- Rialry with Trip's Servine.
Tepig (M) >>> Pignite (M) >>>? Emboar (M)- Tepig will definitely evolve into Pignite. I'm wondering if he'll evolve to his final stage.
Scraggy (M) >>> Scrafty (M)- I think Ash should definetly have a Scrafty.
Swadloon (M) >>> Leavanny- If Jessie get a Venipede that evolve to its final stage Ash should have the opposite of one.
Palpitoad >>> Seismitoad- Ash should get a Seismitoad. I mean he'll make a perfect addition.
Roggenrola >>> Boldore- I wish that he'll evolve to a Gigalith but I don't see it happening. Ash would have to trade him and trade to get him back. I sure that Roggenrola will make it to Boldore.
Krokorok >>> Krookdile- Ash when will you catch him and get it over with.

Iris's Team
Axew (M) >>> Faxure (M) >>> Haxorus (M)- There has been shown that Axew is likely to beome a Haxorus.
Excadrill (M)-Can't evolve
Emolga (F)-Can't evolve
Golett (M) >>> Golurk (M)-I thjink Iris would like a Golett/Golurk

Cilan's Team
Pansage (M) >>> Simisage (M)-I'm sure he'll evolve
Dwebble (?) >>> Crustle- Obviously it will be evolved.
Stunfisk (?)- Can't evolve

Jessie's Team
Woobat (?) >>>Swoobat- Likely to evolve
Venipede >>> Whirlipede >>> Scolipede- Jessie has to have another Bug/Poison

James's Team
Yamask (?) >>> Cofagrigus- James should have Cofagrigus I thunk.
Ferroseed (M) >>> Ferrathorn (M)- It a Cacnea/Carnivine replacement

Meowth (M)-Same as Pikachu

Trip's Team
Servine (M) >>> Serperior (M)- Rivally with Ash's Snivy
Tranquil (F) >>> Unfezant (F)- Rivally with Ash's Tanquil
Frillish (M) >>> Jellicent (M)- Would expect it
Lampent (?) >>> Chandelure- Chandelure is a powerful pokemon.
Timburr >>> Gurdurr >>> Conkeldurr- Trip will probably love a Conkeldurr
Vanillite >>> Vannilish >>> Vanniliuxe- Trip should like a cool ice type

Bianca's Team
Pignite (M) >>> Emboar (M)- He should evolve
Minccino (M) >>> Cinccino (M)- He'll evolve because Bianca would love it.

Cheren -They have to meet Cheren sometime.
Dewott (M) >>> Samurott (M)- Ash has the three starters and to of them have seen their evos. Snivy with Trip and Tepig with Bianca so Oshawott should be with Cherren
Deerling >>> Sawsbuck - I see Cheren with a Sawsbuck
Bold a new addition evos/new pokemon
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