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Default Re: Kevin24's Event Pokemon Trade Thread

Originally Posted by hagler27 View Post
Dude I have to trde something to you so you ask and i'll grab. My white version isn't fully ready yet but I got my black set-up so you name it they are yours ok. ANYTHING you want man! I SUPER appreciate this!!! Tell ya what you see whats you have available and what you want (You can have my shineys or legends or whatever ya want for yours ok) Don't be afraid to ask for whatever ya want cause I have all the games and can reget those down the road ok. My FC for Black is 3825-9859-1608 ok. Really I can't thank ya enough bud!
okay so which 5 would you want right now? I am getting ready to get off. you can offer stuff for them. While trading just select one at a time to send over. I'll do more later.