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Default Grader Log

Credits to Embreon.

So. This is a grader thing. Everyone post here. Everyone being graders only. >_>; YOU GET ONE POST. EVER. Edit your post with all the grades you do in the grading period. If you do not, you will not get paid for the grades. :<

Each grade should look like this:

Story Title with URL tags --> [URL=inserturl][/*URL] without the asterisk and with the actual URL instead of "inserturl"
Lonely Rolling Star


If you want to help out, you can count the number of posts (5,000 character segments) in the story and stick it beside the URL.

Also, make sure that you clear out your logs once wages have been paid. It'll help if you tack a date on your log set, so that Kat, Taras 'n I can see whether or not you've neglected to update.

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