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Default Transformers RP (Please Join)

Alright so this is my first RP on this site. This roleplay will be the movie version. So um i will give you the information that i will ask you to fill out before proseading. I shall fill this out as well. I hope that everone will allow me to post this onto FanFiction as a roleplay based story.











brief history-

and distription on apearance-


Name- Baliriah

sex(gender)- Femme

age- Two hundred thousand years old.

alliance- Decepticon

abilities- Shapeshifter, flight, deception, telapathacy, amazing in aireal and ground combat, can heal at a faster rate; just like any other seeker.

weaknesses- Trust, Taking on maltiple foes at once.

sparkmate- Starscream

specialty- First lieutenint in areospace command.

personality- She is very open minded about others; but she never forgets. Baliriah is hard to impress and become close friends with, she is very secrative. Sneeky, suductive, dangerous when wreckond with. She holds grudges.

brief history- Baliriah is one of the most rareist of seekers. She is a shapeshifter; which makes her part of the 'Legacy'. She was in hiding when the war originailly broke out. Her two brothers' who where already Decepticons, found her on a mission to retrieve any femmes and or sparklings for the decepticon cause. She gave a fight; trying to flee not wanting to damage her brothers in the process. She gave up; finding no other way and was soon takin into custody. Her trine mates who had been off a distance away, got her distress call and soon followed. Now they are the second most dangerous seeker trine in existance. That is why they are refeared to as first lieutenint. Her and Starscream had a sparkling but it was brutally offlined by the Autobots. Now she seeks her revenge on the ones rightfully so for their sparklings death.

and distription on apearance- black armour, large breast plates, talons all the way to her elbows, strong and durable hip plating, parts of her helm, and lastly from her knees all the way down to the very tips of the femme's stilettoed pedds. The rest of Balirah's armour consistsn of the beautiful color of saphire blue.