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Default [RP] Pokemon: Quest Infinity [RP]

Plot: The Pokemon World is a marvelous place. It is where humans and these amazing creatures known as pokemon live together. Pokemon have amazing powers that can be used for any purpose. Humans and pokemon bond in friendships and those friendships grow with battling, competing in contests and just plain caring for them. Everything is normally peaceful in this awesome world. But will it stay this way for always?

An new evil syndicate is forming. Team Chaos. They use pokemon too like other, but they use them for evil purpose. To attack and destroy. They used the most advanced technology in their hunting for pokemon and power. They have these devices known as Reapers. These technological devices allow them to take all power from a pokemon, leaving them like normal animals. The device is very gun-like. But it shoots a chain of laser energy that wraps around the targeted pokemon and absorbs all of its energy. The energy is then stored in a container that is at the end of the Reaper. On the side of the Reaper there is a switch that switches the Reaper from Attack Mode to Absorption Mode. When in attack mode it can create a laser whip or shoot energy shots but it wastes the energy that has been absorbed. They plan to use all this energy for their final plan.

But not all hope is lost for the pokemon that have had their energy taken by Team Chaos. Deep in many of the caves in the pokemon worlds a gem called Shym can restore their energy to them. It is a rainbow stone found near sources of water in caves. The pokemon just needs to make contact with the stone to regain all of its energy. The stone has the energy to restore a single pokemon's entire power. But the stone can be re-energized by using the move Solarbeam on it. This would restore its energy completely. Now Team Chaos has also found a use for these stones. When the move Shadow Ball is used on this stone it can turn a pokemon into a fighting machine consumed by rage. The pokemon can be turned back to normal by the move Flash. So the Shym stones have both negative and positive sides.

But there is a counter alliance to Team Chaos. Team Nova. They are the opposite of Team Chaos. They seek to help those in trouble and use the power of pokemon for good. They shelp pokemon in need and stop evil organizations. They are some of the strongest pokemon trainers and rangers in the world. Together they continue on to fight Team Chaos. They plan to discover what Team Chaos' Final Plan is and stop it.

Kat Zephyr
Team Nova HQ Conference Room, Underneath Snowpoint City, Sinnoh

Kat was sitting down in the main conference room of the Nova's HQ. It was a big white room. It was empty except for a long table with twenty chairs surrounding it. Kat sat in the chair at the far end of the table. She was awaiting for the rest Nova Members to come in for the morning meeting today. They were going to talk about where Team Chaos might strike soon. Then she would send agents to the location. It was suspected that they would attack the Daycare in Solaceon Town. It was packed with pokemon they could steal with little resistance. And their had been reports of shady characters near the area. So it was a good chance is that would be their next target. Kat would send Nova agents there while she worked on other matters.

(Members of Nova should be arriving in the conference room to start off.)

Lex Rex
Team Chaos HQ, Under Galactic Building in Veilstone City

Team Chaos had set up their HQ in Sinnoh under Team Galactic's old building in Veilstone City. Lex was in his quarters. It was a dark room with a few bookshelves, a desk and a big chair. He would be discussing his next few plans with his commanders of Team Chaos. First was their attack on Solaceon's Daycare Center. There were about a hundred pokemon they could get from there. Then their would be another attack in Pastoria's Great Marsh. Many pokemon there as well. There were many more pokemon to capture there. It was a good plan but it was just to get more pokemon's energy. It was all part of the big plan, but only he knew what it was. He would reveal it in due time.

(Chaos members must report to Lex's office.)

(Neutral character's can either start in one of the two places where Chaos will attack. Pastoria City or Solaceon Town.)
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!
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