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Default Re: Trainer17--Woobat--Mountains


[-] Woobat (F)
Ability: Unaware
Health: 33
Energy: 46
Energy Ball


[-] Pupitar (M)
Ability: Shed Skin
Health: 58
Energy: 53

Woobat began to quickly flap her wings. From all around her the plants seemed to glow. The glowing light was traveling to the wide open mouth of woobat. There it began to circle around and form a ball of pure energy. The energy that the plants take straight from the sun. When it became large, it shot out from the woobat's mouth. The bright ball of energy crashed into the pupitar. It was knocked over and laid flat on the ground. Woobat felt proud of herself.
[Energy Ball: Woobat, -18 Energy; Pupitar, -14 Health]
Pupitar suddenly began to roll towards the Woobat. Suddenly, how he did it we don't know, he had jumped into the air. He clamped on to Woobat's wing with his sharp teeth. Instantly the heavy weight pulled woobat to the ground where it crashed into the rocky ground.
[Bite: Woobat, -6 Health; Pupitar, -9 Energy]


[-] Woobat (F)
Ability: Unaware
Health: 27
Energy: 28


[-] Pupitar (M)
Ability: Shed Skin
Health: 44
Energy: 44

Attack, Capture, Run~

You have 13 Safari Points left.