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Default Re: |Ashen Cold|

@Jesse: Thanks! x3 I can't remember the settings man, they were made quite a while ago. And it's great if it gets lots of posts, as long as all the other galleries do as well. I'm gonna try to post in each one every day to try to get some discussions going or something.

@Operative: OH YOU. Glad u liek dems.

@Sarah: Thanks! I basically did the same thing to each icon, I think I used textures. :O Your Pokemon icons were one of my inspirations for those, actually!

@Simmi: Thanks very much. <3

@Hoshika: :'D Glad you like it.

@Gemmar: Winwinwin. Fankoooo n_n

I was thinking of maybe taking icon requests to get back into graphics. :o Anyone willing to get me started?

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