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Username: Speed-X
Type of Submission: Sprite
Name of Submission: Torchic La
Link to Submission:

GS: Pending - the fluffy yellow wings should be the arms that go up and down, considering they're like arms. o: They look more like a strange beard where they are now. XD I'd replace them, if I were you, and then resubmit it. ^^

Not necessarily, since that would kinda ruin the style of the :la: emoticon and a lot of other DA emoticons made. I could try, but I can't guarantee it to really work out.

GS: Well, when I did my scyther one, for instance, I made the arms into scythes. And my misdreavus one didn't have arms at all. o: And my eevee one didn't have the mane because it was much too awkward, and this seems just as awkward. Maybe not having the wings at all would be better? o:

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