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Default Re: What is your most hated Pokemon in Unova?

My list is gonna be long because I think Black/white pokemon are just, ugh. a few are good but I don't really like them. note: i've never played the black/white games yet.

emboar, it's design is much too busy and cluttered.
Musharna, it looks like a dying unborn baby.
Gigalith and it's preevolutions. It's another stupid rock pokemon noone really needs.
Gurdurr a clown on steroids? It's whole evelution line looks messed up.
Throh and sawk, just a new hitmonchan and hitmonlee. D:
Crustle, it was soo cute as a Dwebble, but then that? can't it have an actual shell at least?
Sigilyph WTH? It gives me nightmeres!! it's like unknown and xatu had some messed up demon child.
Cofagrigus really? a coffin? looks like somthing off scooby doo.
Garbodor garbage? WHY? WTH!
Gothita and it's eveloved forms.... another creepy human-like pokemon... like smoochum and jinx...
Vanilluxe and it's preevoled forms... it looks like castform got frozen, turned into icecream, then went psycho and creepy and doubled itself or somthing!
Escavalier, again, why?
Foongus and it's eveolved forum... WHY? No ideas anymore?
Ferrothorn is just weird.
Klinklang and it's preevolved form.... Gears??? really??
Beheeyem and Elgyem... again, WTH?
I like Haxorus but why poop green/yellow? why not blue or purple or a pretty green?
Cryogonal what is that anyway/
Stunfisk IT'S CREEPY!
Golurk and golett, it's regiice in robot fom.
Durant it's creepin on me!

Thoose are the BW I don't like.
Here are some DP I don't like.
Empoleon killed the piplup lines' cuteness.
Bidoof WHY? I HATE IT.
Roserade I can't decide if it's a creepy old man or an ugly lady.
Burmy and Wormadam... really?
Ambipom it's ugly and creepy and I don't like it.
Honchkrow ruined Murkrow
Bronzor a toilet seat that floats and is near impossible for me to kill! D:
Spiritomb doesnt look like a pokemon
Rhyperior ruined the rhydon lines
Yanmega killed Yanma
Probopass WTH?
Rotom lack of ideas much?
Heatran is pointless and shouldnt be classifyed as a legendary.
Regigigas another stupid regi?

And to RS
Ludicolo creeps me out.
Hariyama is sooo ugly and so is it's preevolved form.
Nosepass WTH?
lunatone and solrock. really?
baltoy and claydol are just creepy!
Deoxys just doesnt seem like a pokemon.

And SG,
Hoothoot's eyes creep me out.
Dunsparce. It's plain, weak, does nothing, and becomes nothing.
smoochum, ew!

The only pokemon I don't like from BR is Jinx and Geodude.

I know that was a long list and more than black and white, but I HAD to share.
And it was fun making the list. :D