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Default Re: The Sacred Log of Pichu


AIM, 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1, Revolution, No Weather, No Terrain, No Items/Helds, Hit all moves hit one, No Perish Song, No OHKO moves, No Sleep Moves (barring Rest), Failure to send moves in 5 mins results in 10% health off and using Splash

Jose<PE2K>: Machamp
Roulette Dares<BMG>: Scrafty
alaskapigeon<BMG>: Sceptile
Siless<BMG>: Gallade A
Fossil Fusion<PE2K>/LS the Door Mat<PE2K>: Salamence
WebMaster<BMG>/alaskapigeon: Metagross
Maverick<BMG>: Gallade B
SLC<PE2K>: Excadrill
WinterVines<BMG>: Swampert
JokesterJesse<PE2K>: Alakazam
Mubz<BMG>: Gallade C
Ash K.<BMG>: Medicham
Rohypnol75<BMG>: Togekiss
Synthesis<BMG>: Eelektross
PokeViper<BMG>: Gardevoir

Stuff happened. Mons fainted. What of it?

Also, I was told it was my choice whether to allow previously KO'd members of the FFA to take over for others. I'm sorry if this is not the case.

WinterVines: $7000
PokeViper: $6500
Synthesis: $6000
Rohypnol75: $5500
Fossil Fusion/LS the Door Mat: $5000
WebMaster/alaskapigeon: $4500
JokesterJesse: $4000
SLC: $3500
Roulette Dares: $3000
Ash K.: $2500
Mubz: $2000
alaskapigeon: $1500
Jose: $1000
Maverick: $1000
Siless: $1000

Me: $7500

Current Salary: $7500

--All above paid, including this battle!--
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