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Default [MOTM] June 2011 - Results!

Woah, we certainly got a lot of voters in this month! :) Thanks you guys! Hopefully we can keep this up, I actually enjoyed seeing who would win; there were very many close calls!

And here we are, the results:
Disclaimer: Ridley's, Steak's, and LS the Door Mat's votes were all omitted, as well as several miscellaneous votes here and there, for not following the rules.
General Categories
Best Avatar
Mizuki Emi (2)
Graceful_Suicune, Charmander009, Moonkit, Anastasia-R, Gelatini Jejunator, Lilligance, The Jr Trainer, Ridley (1)
Looks like we have a clear winner this month. Congrats! :)

Best Signature
Gelatini Jejunator (3)
Kumori Gem, Anastasia-R, 3m0d0ll (2)
Simmi, Hoshika, JokesterJesse (1)
Gelatini Jejunator wins with his melting Vanillite sig! xD I rather like it as well.

Best Debater
TheEvilDookie (3)
Lusankya, The Jr Trainer (1)
They totally talked me into putting them up here. :P

Most Photogenic Male
Brainstorm, Beyourownhero, Operative, The Jr Trainer (1)
Aw, there wasn't a clear winner here this month. Ah well, congrats anyway!

Most Photogenic Female
Jessu (8)
3m0d0ll (3)
Tombi, Team Edward, Doroshii (1)
Oh my goodness ... x3 Thank youuu! And congrats to everyone else!
Best ASB Participant
3m0d0ll (7)
Velocity (2)
Keep doing whatever you're doing JenJen! <3 And congrats to Velocity too!

Best URPG Participant
Eeveedude, Xalapeno, Ataro, BulbaTurtwig, Fossil Fusion (1)

Best POL Participant
garjmp, Chromatic Alchemist (1)
I think the POL needs some looove. But congrats to the two who won. c:

Best WFL Participant
Gelatini Jejunator (3)
Shiny Jolteon, Kaoru Matsubara (1)
These people would be awesome to battle with, I'm sure. c:

Best Ref/Official
Velocity, Beartic Tundra (2)
KantoBreeder, Ataro, Fossil Fusion (1)
Go to these guys if you wanna battle someone else! c:
All About Pokemon
Best Tactician/Strategist
Viva la Gofre, Kaoru Matsubara (1)

Best Wi-Fi Battler
Gelatini Jejunator (1)

True Pokemon Fan
HKim (2)
Yo Face Here, RocketMeowth, LS the Door Mat (1)
Congrats! (I kinda don't know what to say to the last few categories, sorry. xD)
The Arts
Best Spriter
Graceful_Suicune (9)
Speed-X, Jessu (3)
Gelatini Jejunator, phibb2 (2)
This category had some fierce competition going on, and it looks like Graceful_Suicune has blown everyone away with 9 votes! :O

Best Graphics Artist
Anastasia-R (6)
Mizuki Emi (5)
JokesterJesse, Tombi, Temporal Snake (3)
This one had it pretty close too, but Ana pulled ahead by one vote! Congrats! :D

Best Drawn Artist
Lilligance (8)
Hoshika, Kumori Gem, Lusankya, White Wolf of the Snow, Volcanflame (1)
I think it's pretty clear who the winner is here. Congrats! :)

Best Author
Scytherwolf (5)
Graceful_Suicune, Kumori Gem (2)
Giratina, Alaskapidove (1)
Y'all should go check their writing out! :)

Best Roleplayer
Lusankya (2)
Neo Emolga, Latio-Reol, k_pop, ChainReaction01 (1)
I'm pretty sure these guys would love to roleplay if you asked. :)
The Members
Best New Member
Lilligance (10)
garjmp (1)
Lilligance seems like a loveable and talented new addition the forum. Welcome again, and congrats! :D

Most Active Member
Yo Face Here (4)
HKim, garjmp (1)
And here are the frequent browsers of the forum. :3

Best Friend
Jessu (3)
Graceful_Suicune, Kaoru Matsubara (2)
Beyourownhero, Moonkit, Paperfairy, 3m0d0ll, DemonicWolf, Teo, Elecii, Yo Face Here, Velocity, Kumori Gem, Griff4815, White Wolf of the Snow, JokesterJesse, Tombi, Anastasia-R, Eternal Moonlight, Doodlebop, Scourge of Amaranth, Mizuki Emi, SLC, Gokudera-Kun, Shozuka, Shiny Jolteon, HKim, Pokemon Trainer Sarah, The Jr Trainer, Fossil Fusion, LS the Door Mat, Rohypnol, Gelatini Jejunator (1)
Oh my goodness. xD So many best friends! Shows how tightly knit together the community is. :)

Wish You Were Here
Cycling Road, Shady, HelloImKers, Disco (2)
Lucavi, Snow Fairy Sugar, Lilligance, Pikablu Pie, Azumao, Griff4815, Temporal Snake, flareon008, Matthew, ElimN8, Daniella Defines Divinity, garjmp (1)
And here are some people that are dearly missed.

Funniest Member
Ridley, Hoshika (3)
Jessu (2)
Disco, 3m0d0ll, Operative, Gokudera-Kun, Xalapeno, Gelatini Jejunator (1)
Go to them if you ever want a good laugh! c:

Weirdest Member
TheEvilDookie, AlaskaPidove, Cycling Road, Hoshika, LS the Door Mat (1)
Uhh ... congrats! :D

Most Helpful
Kaoru Matusbara, Pokemon Trainer Sarah (3)
Graceful_Suicune, Mizuki Emi (2)
Gelatini Jejunator, Velocity, Fierce Deity, The Unreal Shadow Tracker
This one got pretty close, but go to these people if you need help with something! c:

Best Pair/Couple
RocketMeowth x Neo Emolga (4)
JokesterJesse x HelloImKers, JokesterJesse x Alaskapidove, HKim x Neo Emolga, Kenny_C.002 x loli (2)
Kumori Gem x XaiakuX, Alaskapidove x anything, JokesterJesse x SLC, Pokemon Trainer Sarah x Teo (1)
And here we have our pairs. c: Congrats to RM and Neo!
The High Stakes
Trend Setter
JokesterJesse, PE2K Voices, garjmp, Kaoru Matsubara (1)
Looks like these people always have some good ideas floating around in their head. c:

Best Contribution to PE2K
HKim (6)
Pokemon Trainer Sarah (2)
Simmi, Loyal Arcanine (1)
Thank you guys for doing what you can to help the site and forum! c:

PE2K Idol
Jessu, Mizuki Emi, Loyal Arcanine (1)
I'd say these are some pretty good people to look up to. c:

Best Moderator
Graceful_Suicune (7)
Anastasia-R (6)
HKim (5)
Oh man, this category had some fierce competition too! So many wonderful mods to choose from, but it looks like these three came out on top. Congrats! :D

Best PE2K Staff Member
Simmi (7)
Kaoru Matsubara (4)
Mizuki Emi (3)
There was some competition here too, I actually wasn't sure who was gonna win first until Simmi shot ahead. xD Congrats!
Just For Fun
Member I Would Like to Meet
Jessu, Yo Face Here (2)
Beyourownhero, Josh, Lilligance, JokesterJesse, Shiny Jolteon, RocketMeowth, Charbok, Kenny_C.002, HKim, Pokemon Trainer Sarah, The Jr Trainer, Rohypnol, Fossil Fusion, Gelatini Jejunator, Kaoru Matsubara (1)
And here we have some people who are awesome enough to make other people want to meet them. :D

Member I Would Most Likely Run Away From
JokesterJesse (2)
Alaskapidove, PE2K Voices, Hoshika, LS the Door Mat (1)
Oh my. xD

Noob of the Month
The spambots (2)
Shozuka, JokesterJesse, SLC, Cycling Road, Ataro, garjmp (1)
I think we can all agree that the spambots get pretty annoying. e_e

Most Excitable on Friday
Yo Face Here, Jigglypuff (2)
3m0d0ll, Professor Geoffrey, Rebecca Black, Teo, Tsuna (1)

Youngest at Heart
HKim (2)
Moonkit, Agent Shih-Nah, Kenny_C.002 (1)
Congrats! c:
Member of the Month
Jessu (5)
Graceful_Suicune (3)
3m0d0ll, Eternal Moonlight, Fierce Deity, garjmp (1)
Oh guys ... :') Thank you so much! And congrats to the other winners as well!


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