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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

OK, I feel like this is necessary at this point. Now, for the moment you all were waiting for!

Name: Leonard Avalon Zyxino

Age: 575, counting the years spent in cryogenic storage. Counting the years he wasn't in storage, he's 15.

Gender: Male.

Team: None officially. But he's sided with the Cullen.

Class: Mage: Avalon has Aura Control and Psychic Control, as well as the ability to drain energy, control electricity to some extent, and remove magical abilities.

Aura Control not only includes Avalon’s ability to see auras, enhancement of his psychic ability, and use attacks related to Aura, but also allows Avalon to use Aura’s from other sources, aside from the light-blue aura that the world generally emits. The Aura’s that are emitted by some sources can vary in strength and color from the world’s aura. His aura is indigo in color and is nearly twice as strong as the world’s general aura. He can also manipulate the aura to form physical objects, like blades or keys. The bigger the object is, the harder it is to make it. It is noteworthy that the use of different auras can change the properties the objects bring.

Psychic control includes telepathy, telekinesis of small-medium sized objects, mind reading, seeing the future, allowing others to see images and voices, making a mental offensive, and defending his mind. He can also create psychic barriers to protect against attacks, though the attacks shouldn't be too strong-if it's strong enough, the barrier will break under pressure.

Avalon can drain any kind of energy from any outlet, which is handy if he’s tired. This doesn’t subside his natural needs of food, water and sleeping. Avalon can also control electricity, allowing for minor to moderate blasts of the stuff, so long as he has energy to use. It’s interesting to note that the electricity that Avalon wields is red in color.

Avalon’s most unique ability is his ability to remove abilities from any source other than himself. In order to do it correctly, he must first make contact with the target. Once done, he may initiate the ability, making both him and his target incapable of any action, completely immobile until the process is complete or is interrupted. If it is interrupted, Avalon accidentally lets loose a moderate burst of energy, causing quite a jolt for those around him, but not actually harming him. If he is successful, then the removed ability will take the form of a small orb. If this orb comes into contact with anything, it will grant the magical abilities to whatever touched it. The ability orbs can go to anybody-even the original owner. The orbs may be merged with each other, and can be destroyed if hit with an energy-based attack.

His sword, the Third Angel's Blessing, can be infused with Avalon’s aura; doing so turns the blade pitch black, with red electricity crackling off it, as well as giving it some patches of Avalon’s indigo aura, making the blade capable of going through basically anything. The blade can also be teleported-He can teleport the blade to him at will, regardless of the blade's location. However, he cannot do the exact opposite all the time: He can only warp the blade a certain length from his location.

Due to the lack of time to actually train, he's only explored some of his abilities-Mainly the Aura and Psychic-based powers.

Description: Avalon's most famous feature is his beret: It features a pattern of a storm; The indigo and silver color on it doesn't really have any symmetry at all. Under this beret is brown hair made in a style called Togekiss bunches-basically bunches that look like a Togekiss'es head spikes. This hair has also never met a day without grease (Apparently, no shower can remove it). Avalon has the beginnings of a moustache and a goatee on his face.

Avalon's eyes are quite a curious thing. They are hazel in color, they have a certain light to them, and albeit they are generally friendly and do not show signs of any oddity, there are two conditions when the eyes change drastically. First, Avalon's mental state has allowed him to enter into emotionless states at times, at will. During this time, Avalon's eyes cease to be an entryway into what he feels or thinks at the time, and the light generally isn't seen anymore, making his eyes like the entrance into an endless cavern. The second scenario is generally during times of severe stress or when there is no time for games: At these times, Avalon's eyes change color briefly, from hazel to a deep blue.

Avalon wears a dog tag. However, all of the dog tag is symbols instead of actual language, and only Avalon understands what they mean.

Avalon wears a sleeveless shirt, black in coloration. He also has short jeans and blue-and-black sneakers. He has a belt, where he put the sheath to the "Third Angel's Blessing" (His blade). Avalon stands at about 5-foot-5, weighs approximately 113 pounds, and has light skin. He does have average muscle-mass.

Personality: Avalon's mental control is unrivaled by almost everybody, thanks almost completely due to his impossible past: Although the same past also left Avalon thinking he's insane, this past has put him through the most gruesome of situations, stuff that almost everybody would rather avoid at all costs, and he's survived-this left him incredibly hardened in the mental sense, and he can see even the cruelest of deaths without shedding even one tear. However, he still does feel emotion: he despises killing, and he despises war, and every time he has to kill and every time there is war, he falls into an absolutely secret, yet almost total despair. He doesn't let inner emotion get in the way, though, and it is this despair that drives him to end it ASAP.

However, he isn't above showing his emotion: At times of peace, or even at completely random times with no meaning whatsoever, he will burst into a person with a euphemism that's hard to rival, an active and lighthearted kid that rarely doesn't make people happy by his mere presence. He also isn't afraid of making what he feels is right known to others. And he will. Painfully if needed. He has three priorities: Justice, Self-preservation, and the preservation of others. Anything that threatens them (and winds up nearby Avalon) typically doesn't live for long. However, these are not all-consuming: They're just important.

Avalon is one heck of a fighter and a liar: He can do both wonderfully. It takes a psychic to know whether Avalon's telling the truth or not-and even then, Avalon can use his own psychic powers to fudge the results even then. It also takes quite a bit of skill to take Avalon down, and keep him down too: At times, he has been able to defeat foes before they can react.

His feelings for the Cullen are mixed: He believes that the Cullen's cause is perfectly fine, but his issue is that the Cullen can be as blind as the court system is, and mistake an innocent man for a guilty one-and vice versa. However, he can't really join the Armada, he isn't into VILE, and he's already associated with Vyraz and the Cullen: henceforth, he is aligned, but not officially affiliated with them.

History: Avalon knows his history. This history-specifically, the last three years prior to cyrogenic storage-is horrendous. It would be absolute mockery to call it anything even slightly short of Avalon's pure torture on all affronts. It is known that he has gained his current personality as a result of this dreaded, bloody history; however, he refuses to share the past three years of his life with others. His excuse: He claims that, on-average, people kill themselves immediately after 20 minutes of hearing it. This hell-bent ride through the toughest of situations could still be considered to be going on to date.

According to Avalon, he was around for the Fall of Heaven, and was present for the Lifemaker's rise to power. However, how much time he lived during the Lifemaker's reign, what he did, if he was part of the beginnings of the Redeemers, or anything else is unknown. According to him, he apparently wandered into Saffron's ruins, having never been to pre-fall Saffron before and curious what it was like, and accidentally froze himself in a Cryogenic storage pod.

During his time in Cryogenic storage, he gained his magical powers, but wasn't in immediate realization due to his body's inert state. However, the voices of the dead gods immediately penetrated him, forcing him into dreams, and unwittingly telling him about his powers. Once he got to know how much of them he had, he immediately tried to train: To learn how to control his powers without accidentally destroying something he didn't want destroyed. Attempting to make his dreams like a training ground, he immediately started. However, the Voices intervened in various ways, making his supposed power seem stronger or weaker than it should at times. Avalon tried at times to truly stay inert in all senses, but there too did the voices intervene. They were loud voices, after all.

It wasn't until Vyraz awoke him from the Cryogenic pods that he managed to escape the voices for the first time in centuries. However, he was initially afraid of using his powers, not knowing their exact potential. He instead relied on his knowledge and luck to survive against an onslaught of Porygon (by destroying most of a building) and the wrath of the Executioner gracing a few buildings and causing massive earthquakes (by finding a Mining Train).

It was on the mining train, while Vyraz and Jamal were sleeping, that he tried to train without the sabotage the voices presented to him, and it was now that he realized how strong some of it was, having learned quickly how to harness his mental ability and some of his Aura-based powers. In doing so, he realized that Vyraz and Jamal worked for the Cullen. He has yet to officially join, but he plans on it.

Pokemon: While escaping pre-fall Saffron, Avalon found a PokeBall containing a Kricketune. He's using that as his own Pokemon.

Other: Yes, Avalon was a mage from the get-go. I already planned to reveal his magic. I just decided that I like Avalon too much for him to be JUST an NPC.

Is this edited properly?
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