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Default Kevin24's Event Pokemon Shop

Here are the following event pokemon i have to offer for trade. I clone them via action replay so i can still have them to trade. I trust the people i got these from so i am highly confident that they are legit. I am looking for other foreign events or events i don't have in general. events continued listed on page 2.
1.No Hacks. To the best of my knowledge and the people i have traded with my pokemon are legit. i would never knowingly trade a hack. if something turns out a hack then let me know and you can choose another event in it's place.
2.Be Patient, sometimes internet down here may be out for many hours or i may occasionally have to get my laptop looked at and worked on.
3. I only want events
4.don't be rude or anything.
5. Trophy Case pokemon are not for trade period. They have been requested to keep as permanent not for trade so i won't trade them. Don't even bother making offers for them.
Poke Smash Zoroark 3/1/2011 quirky often lost in thought
06121 Korean Station Zoroark 방송국 6-26-2011 quirky often dozes off 133 hp
Hayley's Mew
Shokotan Pichu
Movie 10 Celebi
Nz Jirachi
10 Aniv Entei
10 Aniv Suicune
Nok Jirachi
10 JAHRE Articuno(ARKTOS)Rash Good Endurance 208 hp
World08 Lucario
Poke Smash Cubchoo
Saikyou Magmortar
50701 ♀Sunday Wobbuffet ot:サンデ- impish likes to fight 34 hp
Gw Pikachu
Pokémon Popularity Quiz DW Arceus Ot:NOEL id:33281
Aura Mew English
Poke Channel Jirachi
Shiny Poke Channel Jirachi
06171 Carlita's Hydreigon 6/17/2011 modest loves to eat 229 hp
06171 Janta's Golurk 6/17/2011 adamant quick tempered 224 hp
06171 Japanese Janta's Golurk Brave 6-17-2011 Often dozes off HP 226
06171 Japanese Janta's Golurk Quirky 7-15-2011 Strongly defiant HP 222
06171 Japanese Janta's Golurk Sassy 6-17-2011 Somewhat stubborn HP 213
06171 Japanese Carlita's Hydreigon Brave 6-17-2011 Likes to thrash about HP 217
06171 Japanese Carlita's Hydreigon Careful 6-17-2011 Likes to thrash about HP 228
06171 Japanese Carlita's Hydreigon Impish 6-17-2011 Somewhat vain HP 210
06171 Japanese Carlita's Hydreigon Lax 7-15-2011 Throughly cunning HP 224
06171 Japanese Carlita's Hydreigon Timid 6-17-2011 Somewhat vain HP 230
ANA Darkrai otふゆやすみ store giveaway
Win2011 Celebi usa id 02211
Win2011 Celebi Europe id 01211
Smr2011 Zoroark
Vcg09 Milotic
10 Aniv Latios
World09 Weavile
Saikyou Salamence
Poketopia Electivire
Ash's Scraggy
Ash's Pikachu
Vcg10 Eevee
Alamos Darkrai
Tru Shaymin
Smr2010 Jirachi
Gamestop Raikou
Gamestop Suicune
Gamestop Entei
Wishmaker Jirachi
Cilan's pansage Hatched
Ash's Pidove Hatched
Gamestop Deoxys
Tru Regigigas
Tru Dragonite
Movie Victini
Win2011 Entei
Win2011 Suicune
Win2011 Raikou
Movie 10 Raikou
Movie 10 Entei
Movie 10 Suicune
Birthday Chimchar
Tru Arceus
Fal2010 Mew
10 Aniv Blaziken
Oblivia Deoxys
Saikyou Milotic
Gamestop Pichu
Palcity Lucario
Pokemon Movie09 Arceus
Film11 Shaymin
10th Deoxys
27712 Shiny Pokemon Ranger Manaphy ot Jake Modest
Pokemon Movie 08 Regigigas
Shiny Birth Island Deoxys
Mattle Ho-Oh
Space C Deoxys
Nok Mew-
Nok Regigigas
Trade for evolution magmar Teikyo University ot:せいしゃ
oblivia heatran
oblivia shaymin
10 ANIV Articuno
World10 Crobat
xd lugia
PC Fukuoka Audino
Pc Sapporo Audino
Nagashimo Spa Land Axew
Smr2011 Kerroblast(German)
Smr2011 Shelmet(German)
Iris Axew
mystery mew
Poke Park Jirachi
Tru Manaphy
Nok Manaphy
daisuki club octillery id 05138
E4All Manaphy
Almia Darkrai
10 Aniv Tyranitar
10 Aniv Moltres
10 Aniv Zapdos
Nok Darkrai
Korea battle series arcanine
saikyou dragonite
nok rayquaza
nok deoxys
birthday pikachu
10 Aniv Typhlosion
10 Aniv Alakazam
Baba's Flygon
10 Aniv Charizard
10 Aniv Ho-oh
jungle tour celebi
10 Aniv Lugia
eigakan arceus
Bryant park Blaziken
Concert Chatot
Shinsegae Feebas
rocks metang
spr2010 pichu
WCS Milotic
Yamamoto Whiscash
Sapphire Zigzagoon
Ruby Zigzagoon
Red Metagross
Pokemon Center Eevee
PKTOPIA Magmortar
Yokohama PalCity Mew
Eigakan Shaymin
PokéPark Celebi
PokéPark Mew
Pokemon Center Meowth
Shinsegae munchlax
nintendo zone pikachu
Negaiboshi Jirachi
Festa Metang
Shokotan Tropius
Akiyama Slaking
distant land entei
distant land zapdos
distant land moltres
distant land articuno
Shiny naval rock lugia
Shiny Newmoon Darkrai
Ten'i Mura Regigigas
10 ANIV Absol
10 ANIV Blastoise
10 ANIV Bulbasaur
10 ANIV Espeon
10 ANIV Pikachu
2008 Birthday Charmander 07208
Distant Land Tyranitar
Hayley's Combee
Hayley's Finneon
Hayley's Miltank
Hayley's Wailmer
Movie 07 Darkrai
Movie Zekrom - Jolly
Movie Reshiram- Modest
ANA Pikachu
Trade for Evolution Osaka City University Slowpoke
Trade for Evolution Osaka City University Scyther
JB Hi-Fi Manaphy
TCG World Championships 2007 Pikachu
trade for evolution machamp
trade for evolution electivire
PokéPark Plusle
Movie 11 shaymin(Spain)
50716 hadou mew quirky likes to relax 42 hp
50901 Hadou regirock naive mischievous 120 hp
50901 hadou registeel mild good endurance 118 hp
50901 hadou regice brave proud of its power 116 hp
UT Adamant ゴルーグ (Golurk) lv.70 (7/10/2011) OT ジャンタ ID 06171 (Wifi event)
*** Wi-fi Event 06171 Carlita's Hydreion - Timid 7/9/2011
10100 trade for evolution kyoto university(きょうえん)haunter 10-10-2010 calm a little quick tempered 69 hp
Fuyuyasumi Darkrai
Han Jiu Scraggy(Korean Ash's Scraggy)
birthday audino tokyo
saikyou electivire
nz manaphy
kyle riolu
hayle's aerodactyl
GCEA#1 (51126) Treecko
GCEA#2 (51224) Cyndaquil
GCEA#2 (51224) Totodile
GCEA#3 (60114) Pikachu
Yukina Meowth
Tom Heracross
Bryant Park Latias
susumu mew
Bryant Park Entei
10 jahre Lugia
10 jahre ho-oh
10 jahre charizard
10 jahre pikachu
10ANNIV Articuno [Artikodin]
10 Aniv Dragonite
Bryant Park Pikachu
Kyoto University (きょうえん)Trade For Evolution shelmut 30 male hardy (***) not evolved ut
Pokesuma Zoroark Tokyo 1-22-11 A little quick tempered ut
07181 ANA Pikachu Naive (50) ♀, 7/18/2011, Mischievous, HP 99 PPWC( the one with fly)
Onemuri (Sleeping) Pikachu, UT, Relaxed
Distant Land Shuckle
ut Korea DW Glaceon 5-20-11 Hasty Proud of its Power HP 34 id no. 42968
ut Korea DW Leafeon 7-7-11 Naughty Somewhat stubborn HP 33 id no. 51703 NN: Leaf in Korean
Korean DW Umbreon, OT korean name in blue, ID 39932, Gentle in dreamball UT
Kyoto University (きょうえん)10100, Machoke - Serious (JP) 10/10/2010
Satoshi's Pikachu Naughty Likes To Fight ut
GCEA#3 Sneasel (ID NO. 60114) (***)
Character Fair Pikachu (KOR)
GCEA#3 Chansey (ID NO. 60114) (***)
GCEA#1 Torchic (ID NO. 51226) (***)
GCEA#2 Chikorita (ID NO. 51224) (***)
JEREMY Shellder
GCEA#3 Tauros (ID NO. 60114) (***)
Birthday Audino (PC Osaka) (***)
Korean Crown City Raikou id 09180
Tanabata 2006 Jirachi (***)
Pikachu Cafe Tangrowth
Character Fair Shaymin
Doel Deoxys
Festa Electabuzz
Festa Magmar
Kyoto Pikachu(naughty lvl 30)
Mcdonald's Pikachu(bashful lvl 20)
Hayley Pikachu(jolly lvl 20)
Yokohama Pikachu(hardy lvl 10)
XD Elekid (Zapprong)
XD Larvitar
Greek zoroark
EUSMR09 Regigigas
ver2010 jirachi
Nintendo World Store Manaphy
Goon Scizor (달건) (KOR)
Distant Land Dugtrio
Distant Land Hitmonlee
Distant Land Sableye
All Nippon Airways Darkrai ot ANA
Europe Alamos Darkrai
Nintendo Zone Manaphy
World Hobby Fair Manaphy
Hayley's Staravia
Hayley's Shroomish
Hayley's Ponyta
Batoruyama Ho-oh
DW Mamoswine
DW Porygon
Hayley's Buneary
korean dw vaporeon
korean dw jolteon
HVR2011 Celebi
HVR2011 Raikou
Southern Island Latias
southern island latios
Korean Entei
Korean Suicune
Mizunotami Manaphy
Summer Festival Milotic
Time Square Shaymin
GER Fru2010 Jolly Shiny Pichu
Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi
ageto celebi
7-11 Pikachu [OT: セブン ID: 08200 Docile (Sturdy body.)
Birthday DW Togekiss
HRB2010 Mew - Jolly (German)
EULALIE's Mew - Modest (French)
EUKALIA's Mew - Careful (German)
EULALIE's Phione - Naive (French)
ETE2010 Jirachi - Brave (French)
Palcity Nagoya Mew
Palcity Osaka Mew
Palcity Makuhari Mew
Palcity Sapporo Mew
Palcity Fukuoka Mew
Palcity Fukuoka Lucario
Palcity Mukuhari Lucario
Palcity Nagoya Lucario
Palcity Osaka Lucario
Palcity Sapporo Lucario
Palcity Yokohama Lucario
PCNYb Shuppet
GameStop Jirachi
Pikacafe Electrivire adamant-strong willed
Korean DW Rash Flareon
Singing Pikachu ot:わっしょい serious likes to run
63341 POKEMON CAFE DW Eevee hardy somewhat stubborn 32 hp
13420 Japanese Pokemon cafe Eevee Timid 7-14-2011 Good Endurance 33 hp
49708 Japanese DW Croagunk (OT - Gyuki) Bold 11-9-2010 Quick to flee HP 31
53161 Japanese DW Piplup (OT - ***) Modest 10-29-2010 Somewhat vain HP 33
01281 Japanese Ash Scraggy Adamant 1-28-11 A little quick tempered HP 12
55827 Japanese DW Glaceon (OT - SNOW) Brave 10-20-2010 Likes to run HP 34
09810 Japanese DW Torchic (OT - ***) Adamant 11-28-2010 Capable of taking hits HP 32
21077 Japanese DW Treecko (OT - ***) Thoroughly cunning HP 28
65090 Japanese DW Mudkip (OT - ***) Timid 3-17-2011 Likes to fight HP 32
EUETE09 Regigigas - Naughty (Italy)
ESTEU09 Regigigas - Bashful (France)
SO2010 Jirachi - Docile (German)
Karel's Riolu - Serious (French)
PikaCafe magmortar-serious a little quick tempered
Mikena Pichu likes to thrash about,mischievous
Korean Cinema Arceus timid hates to lose, jolly likes to thrash about
Han Jiu Pikachu somewhat stubborn, somewhat of a clown
Ario pikachu
xd shroomish
xd rhydon
xd swellow
xd tauros
11301 japanese pokemon cafe smeargle 7-30-2011 modest proud of its power 33 hp
08146 Japanese Pokémon Café Smeargle Relaxed 7-6-2011 Alert to sounds HP 33
Dw Flareon(Pyroli)French
Dw Espeon(mentali)French
Dw Umbreon(Noctali)french
dw Leafeon(Phyllali)French
Dw glaceon(Givrali)French
dw bulbasaur
dw squirtle
dw chimchar
dw turtwig
sapporo pikachu
Koroshiamu Pikachu
Hayley Pachirisu
Hayley Eevee
Hayley Phione
hayley snover
Phenac City E-Card Room Togepi with National Ribbon - Sassy
Phenac City E-Card Room Mareep with National Ribbon - Mild
Phenac City E-Card Room Scizor with National Ribbon - Hasty
Xd raikou
Xd Suicune
PC Yokohama Audino
PC Nagoya Audino
Korean Iris Axew
Next few i traded for on serebii. have not broken any nft trade agreements with anyone.
ETE2011 Zoroak 6/30/2011 quirky sturdy body 122 hp
EST2011 Zoroark 6/18/2011 Quirky quick tempered 128 hp
Wish Farfetch'd ut
Wish Exeggcute ut
2010 birthday charmander 07200 hardy very finicky 86 hp
12226 Ryuuta Magikarp ot:りゅうた modest loves to eat 16 hp
Wish Ralts (32110)
いえるかな Singing Pikachu 8/9/2011 Jolly Loves to eat 61 hp
SKE48 Singing Pikachu 8/13/2011 Careful Loves to eat 61 hp
ut kyoto university trade for evolution karrabalast ot:きょうえん
ut trade for evolution kyoto university electabuzz ot:きょうえん
ut trade for evolution Ryukoku University Shelmet ot:ロンクー
gcea#6 houndour 60505 docile highly curious
*** UT Trade for Evolution! Teikyo University Scyther ot:せいしゃ
*** UT Trade for Evolution! Kyoto University Magmar ot:きょうえん
World11 Scrafty
10100 Japanese Trade for Evolution Scyther Kyoto University(きょうえん) 10-10-2010 hasty highly persistent 82 hp
DAISUKI CLUB 2008 Jirachi 08188 Calm a little quick tempered 25 hp
DAISUKI CLUB 2007 Jirachi 07077 Timid highly curious 25 hp
JEREMY Sandshrew 13579 docile mischievous 34 hp
JEREMY Oddish 24680 Quirky quick tempered 65 hp
JEREMY Slowpoke 13579 Naive highly curious 102 hp
POKEMON XD gd Lapras 01681 Sassy thoroughly cunning 177 hp
10100 Komazawa University(こまざわ)Shelmet 11-7-2010 Jolly Proud of its power 76 hp
10100 Komazawa University(こまざわ)Scyther 11-7-2010 Quiet Quick Tempered 82 hp
SMR2011 Zoroark 06011 Quirky Often Scatters Things 8/12/2011 (Norway)
10100 Komazawa University(こまざわ)Magmar 11-7-2010 Docile Alert to Sounds 80 hp
07189 Spain EUVER09 Regigigas 8-15-2009 Adamant Hates to lose 343 hp
GCEA Mawile [OT:トウキョー {Tokyo}] [ID:60321]
GCEA Magmar [OT:ヨコハマ {Yokohama}] [ID:60114]
MONTE L Ho-Oh: Adamant (Italian MATTLE Ho-Oh)
Pokemon Jungle Tours Celebi: Bold
Kyocera Bidoof: Lonely
Kyocera Starly: Mild
10100 trade for evolution kyoto university(きょうえん)slowpoke 10-10-2010 quirky sturdy body 94 hp
10100 trade for evolution Waseda univerity(おおくま)electabuzz 11-7-2010 bold loves to eat 88 hp
10100 trade for evolution Waseda univerity(おおくま)scyther 11-7-2010 calm loves to eat 89 hp
10100 trade for evolution Waseda univerity(おおくま)karrablast 11-6-2010 relaxed alert to sounds 71 hp
10100 trade for evolution Waseda univerity(おおくま)haunter 11-6-2010 hardy somewhat stubborn 74 hp
10100 trade for evolution Waseda univerity(おおくま)machoke 11-6-2010 impish quick tempered 94 hp
10100 trade for evolution Waseda univerity(おおくま)shelmet 11-6-2010 bold very finicky 76 hp
10100 trade for evolution Waseda univerity(おおくま)magmar 11-6-2010 calm mischievous 79 hp
10100 trade for evolution Waseda univerity(おおくま)slowpoke 11-6-2010 naughty mischievous 99 hp
10100 trade for evolution komazawa university(こまざわ)slowpoke 11-7-2010 sassy likes to thrash about 96 hp
10100 trade for evolution hosei university(ほうせい)scyther 11-3-2010 relaxed alert to sounds 88 hp
10100 trade for evolution rikkyo university(セントポル)magmar 10-31-2010 naughty often lost in thought 79 hp
10100 trade for evolution chuo university(はくもん)electabuzz 11-1-2010 hasty highly curious 82 hp
10100 trade for evolution tokyo gakugei university(もえた)karrablast 11-21-2010 modest strong willed 72 hp
10100 trade for evolution tokyo gakugei university(もえた)shelmet 11-21-2010 calm loves to eat 79 hp
02071 INV2011 raikou rash alert to sounds 96 hp
07181 ANA Pikachu(50)♂ 7-18-2011 Adamant Somewhat Vain 110 hp
10100 nanzan university(ミカエル)machoke 10-31-2010 bold likes to run 88 hp
10100 meiji university(めいじろう)haunter 10-31-2010 bold likes to run 73 hp
10100 hosei university(ほうせい)shelmet 11-3-2010 docile alert to sounds 73 hp
10100 hosei university(ほうせい)karrablast 11-3-2010 sassy hates to lose 73 hp
06260 EST2010 Jirachi sassy good perseverance 25 hp
01000 GIULIA Mew(Italian) brave strong willed 169 hp9traded for on serebii)
gcea6 60505 Tokyo (トウキョ-)hoothoot adamant somewhat of a clown 32 hp
gcea6 60505 Tokyo (トウキョ-)mareep calm quick to flee 31 hp
gcea6 60505 Tokyo (トウキョ-)snubbull lonely capable of taking hits 33 hp
03208 kiko's riolu(spanish) serious strong willed 69 hp
55345 japanese liberty island victini ut ot:SIMO 9-22-2010 careful quick tempered 57 hp
enigma stone latios
shiny enigma stone latias
ut korean liberty garden victini ot: korean 4-24-2011 brave proud of its power 55 hp
ut shiny level 1 Sinjoh Ruins Giratina timid
ut shiny level 1 Sinjoh Ruins palkia lax
50039 christy heracross ot:Christy calm likes to run 12 hp
gcea scyther トウキョー(tokyo) rash loves to eat 34 hp,somewhat vain 35 hp

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