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Default Re: [WAR X] Where the Fires Began


But legends fade. There came a time when Red and she, the untameable fire, were defeated in the field of battle and Red gave up his title as Champion. They were content, though.

So the legends faded, but neither cared.

But Red was human. Years passed, and he was no longer that dorky-hat-boy that she once knew. The day came when he would no longer wake. And on that day for her, the stars fell, blazing.

But with the forever-stone from so long ago, she knew she could endure, like dying embers, until Red returned for her.

She sat in stubborn vigil by his grave, watching forlornly as the rest of her companions left for new trainers, one by one. The say came when it was only she and the purple-blue-butterfly standing guard together, like they once did do long ago.

The day also came when purple-blue-butterfly-friend passed from this world, crumpling away as it aged.

So she endured, mourning them both. More so Red.

The world around her turned harsh and cruel. The humans died off as their existence on her planet withered away and the grounds turned to dust and fire. The landscape they had once traveled slowly deteriorated to a barren wasteland as she endured centuries, stubbornly awaiting his return.

But still Red did not cone back for her, even though her heart was slowly breaking away.

The day finally came, after the world became h*ll and the earth was nothing more than a field of dusty fire, that she could endure no longer.

It was then that she remembered the place that the boy spoke of so long ago, of the great meeting place in the sky where souls met.

With that in mind and regret in her heart, she allowed her great wings to carry her away from the burning earth, away from her rusting but loved red-white-sphere, away from the boy's grave, into the timeless midnight skies dotted with stars, the forever-stove clenched in her talons.

She returns to earth once a day each year, on the anniversary of the time they met, to reminisce in the times they had together, no matter how much it hurts.

But for the rest of her years, she flies across the skies, looking for what time tore from her.

They say she journeys across the universe still, searching mournfully for the place where the fires began.

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