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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Ichiru, Kiseki and Kotomi Kagami
Telekinesis/Vectors, Pyrokinesis/Force Fields, Phoenix Fire/Pyrokinesis/Flight
Outside Enlightened School for Mutants

“H-Hey.” The three turned to see Nalani approaching them, the sight of the blonde unharmed made relief wash over all of them and brought a smile to Kiseki’s face. When he’d last seen her, she’d just taken a beating of her own, after all…

“Hey.” The middle sibling beat his brother and sister to the greeting, although the two of them gave her smiles of their own.

“Are you okay?” Ichiru questioned, noticing the wounds that Nalani had herself.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kiseki noticed Keiru slowly make his way to his feet. The three siblings looked at him in protest, knowing that he still had to be in pain from his wound and that he probably shouldn’t be standing, but he began speaking before any of them could.

"I know you all must be feeling down over this, no, that's stupid, obviously you're feeling down, no more than that. Many of your friends were killed or maimed, and some of you may question whether we here can protect you. The answer is we can. The regime of Alexander, our president is one of evil, and of corruption. We cannot allow this corruption to continue and infect the entire world, we must cut the stem, and kill the roots, so the threat dies. That is why I-" Keiru stopped, glancing over at Amy. "And my sister created the X-Force. It is also why we set up this school. We created this school to protect and ensure the preservation of the just and peaceful ways that we should be living in, rather than the war-torn America that Alexander is bringing. He has brought invading armies upon our shores, Russia and China are probably already here, occupying cities, in their thirst for conquering the- in their view- fruitful lands of America whilst the strife is on over Alexander."

"We must not allow America to become corrupted further, or to fall to Russia or China. America must remain free, it must remain peaceful. Which is why we must take action. Stand with us, the X-Force, and save America, and stop the evil and corrupt that seek to end the peace and install their own desires."

It had become obvious to the three that Keiru hadn’t really intended for all of the students to know about the X-Force, especially considering Amy’s reaction when he had referred to her by her codename. However, it was also obvious that after what had happened, the rest of the students needed to be recruited for training and protection. That much made perfect sense.

"Ichiru, Kiseki, Kotomi, Nalani I want you to come with me." The three dark haired teens looked back up to Keiru as he spoke again, this time addressing them as well. "Totem, Huntsman it would be nice if you came as well."

Their teacher left without another word, heading toward the east wing. Amy glanced back at Kiseki for several seconds, bringing the middle sibling to look back at her before she sighed and followed after her brother.

Kiseki gave a sigh of his own, shifting so that he could attempt to rise to his feet slowly. The pain that shot through his stomach made him fall back to his knees at first, but being the stubborn person he was, he tried again, ignoring the help his siblings offered as he forced himself to his feet.

“Are you able to walk?” Ichiru asked his twin as he stood in place for a few moments, waiting for the pain to subside a little. Kiseki looked over to him and gave him a reassuring smile, which only made the older twin frown out of worry.

“I’ll be fine. Come on, we shouldn‘t keep Mr. Smith waiting.”

OoC: Sorry for the fail, was kinda rushed. ^^’
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