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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]




The Cullen

Mage, can control fire, as well as water, air, and earth, though the latter three are extremely weak. By weak I mean maybe moving a blade of grass or making it grow an inch or two (though he is fond of growing buttercups), or move a vine; moving a small bit of water a couple of inches; creating a breeze.

Butters is a bulky teen. Not fat, just what you would call ‘heavy-boned’. He has a wide build and is extremely tall, measuring at about 6’10. His face betrays his mild autism, though, and not very gaunt, and he still bears the face of a child, though he is growing older. He doesn’t wear anything at all fancy, and in fact he wears loose clothes made from burlap, because he won’t wear anything else. His large feet are barefooted. His fingers are a bit meaty, making him clumsy with tools and small objects. He wears a leather bracelet on his right arm, and on the bracelet, a sapphire amulet is imbedded into the leather. He has sloppy, blonde hair.

Butters is the kind of person you could call ‘simple’, due to his autism. He is slow to understand, and his speech is also chopped and he stutters a lot, but once he finally understands something, his mind is off like a rocket, and he comes up with all of these ideas that no one else probably would never think of. He is very imaginative, as well. He may be simple-minded, but he is a great friend overall. Seeing those he knows getting hurt, though, is when he snaps. His friends are like his family to him, since he doesn’t know who his family was in the first place, and he will defend them with his life. Determination is one of his main driving forces. Most of the time, though, he is joyous and one of the happiest people you’ll meet. Butters cries easily, though, and tends to do that when he is offended. He loves his Pokemon to death, and hates seeing her get hurt. He dislikes the Red Circle Knights to a fatal degree. He thinks hate is a strong word, and doesn’t like using it, though. Butters loves making friends, and it makes him overjoyed when he finds new ones!

Butters was found on the doorstep of an elderly couple’s cabin as a newborn, with no note and no trace and no name on the outskirts of Venefinia. A couple of years later, when he was about three, the cabin burned down. He couldn’t remember it himself, but he was always told that he was found outside of the cabin gripping his leather band and a buttercup so tightly that they had to put him to sleep before they could free it from him. He was sent to the orphanage, and wasn’t adopted immediately because his signs of autism were obvious in his face, and none of the mages were interested in apprenticing him. They named him Butters, because it was the first thing he said (and the only thing he said for the next month), because no one wanted to spend time on naming him. The elderly couple had named him, but they were never the socialites and had nobody to tell.

Butters was constantly taunted for his speech and his inability to understand, as well as his looks. He ran away when he was eight, crying. He stumbled upon the cabin of a mage, whom of which was away at the time, and was found asleep on the woman’s doorstep. She found potential in him, and took him as her apprentice. She gave him a Pokemon to learn his first element – fire – from. And that was how he earned his Larvesta, which he named Pyreflight (it was then, in that name, that the mage saw this boy had a much more complex personality than she thought). He trained beside the small fire caterpillar, and his skills grew. He discovered the other three elements on his own, but the mage never had time to train them in it. The Red Circle Knights discovered their secluded training place, and killed the mage. They didn’t think that Butters was anything but a poor child caught up in these things, and didn’t know he could wield magic. They found themselves dying from the pain after he melted their armor into their skins and then ripped it from their flesh. He had loved the mage like his mother, and the rage that came over him was full and blinding. Afterwards, he couldn’t remember even ever touching the knights.

He traveled about afterwards, always carrying around his lil’ female Larvesta like she was a handbag. Something about the Pokemon helped him ignore the taunts and the stares. He went southward, to the Zarun Mountains, and nobody ever really realized that he was a mage (except for other mages, of course). He trained there, determined to avenge his master’s death, for he couldn’t remember already avenging them. He thought that she had killed the knights herself, but this much he would never know. He was 16 and had lived in the mountain for about two years by then, and The Cullen found him with his newly-evolved Volcarona, playing with buttercups that he grew out of the ground. They took him after one of the mages saw his potent skills, and he began his life with his new friends. He became deathly loyal to them and those he met.

Pyreflight (Volcarona, female)

.previously known as White Wolf of the Snow.
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