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Default Re: Reffing Proposal

Originally Posted by Spiderc View Post
Seriously? I thought the point of the ref test was to make sure that people were ready to do ref any sort of battle, hence why I never took it. If people aren't ready to do one type of battling, maybe they shouldn't have their license in the first place. Mostly because it would just get too complicated to have a regular test, a double test, a triple test, a rotation test, and a FFA test.

Oh and Pe2k is infinitely better than that crap board.
Yes, that's what is generally believed, but when I took my test back in the good old days, each of my attempts were plain singles battles.

Originally Posted by Mubz View Post
Aww look at poor Teddy on his own on PE2K.....

Anyway, why not do that sort of test in the actual Ref Test to begin with rather than having to get a ref who is already qualified to ref to do another test?
Got a problem?

In addition to your idea, maybe like a checklist of some sort. If the ref passes the normal type of battle test, then they move onto the doubles. Then if they fail the doubles, then they can still ref normal battles and retry the doubles portion a week later.

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