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Default Re: The Pokemon Plot; Unknown Pokemon

Harry Stumper
Keeping the Secret
Violet Town, Johto

After the girl came to us asking for berries, I decided to keep it cool. All these people here were here for a reason. I would try not to talk as much or even do anything to bring attention to myself.

Then all of a sudden, another girl came. But she didn't seem interested in anything but the Moltres chick. I had a slight feeling that she might be trouble. Mona seemed most eager to battle her though, so I didn't do anything but watch. I wanted to go talk to that new girl, Stella I believe her name was.

I walked up to Moltres and Stella.

"So, how 'bout them Unknown Pokemon eh?"

OOC: Sorry for the late post, I've been out all morning and I'm at the dentist now.

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