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Default Re: [MOTM] June 2011 - Discussion [Voting Deadline: July 10]

Originally Posted by Teo View Post
Unless it's Wish you were here! xD Can't ban him from that! Lol
Very true! xD

Originally Posted by MoonKit View Post
And someone voted one of my guy friends as *coughbestphonographicfemalecouchfrigginhack*

Thank god there shall be a stop to stupidity in this.
We could still vote for "SPAM bots" as noob of the month, right?
No, the spam bots don't really count as members.

Originally Posted by Ridley View Post
nevermind, changing my votes~~ ♫♪ x33333
=_=; Really? Please be serious about your votes, that's all I'm asking for.


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