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Default Re: The Pokemon Plot; Unknown Pokemon

Mona Nakayoshi
Getting the secret out
Violet City, Johto

I groaned when another girl suddenly seemed to appear. I had my back to them, so I didn't see her approach anyway. Turning to finally face them, I crossed my arms. I was getting impatient and a little worried. This little party of ours was getting slowly bigger and I was getting worried that we'd attract attention somehow. Call me paranoid, but I can't help it. Adjusting my glasses again, something I seem to do a lot, I spoke up...

"Can we please just get going? Before somebody else decides to tag along..."

The last thing I needed was some other person finding out that that girl was a Moltres in disguise. I was feeling selfish since I wanted that girl all to myself for awhile to ask her all sorts of questions. I also felt like the biggest nerd in the world then, but I was happy with being... me.

Without waiting for a response from anybody, I turned towards the exit of the city and began to walk in that direction. I wanted to get to the ruins as soon as possible.
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