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Default Re: The Pokemon Plot; Unknown Pokemon

Kirin "the Demon"
Getting the secret out
Violet Town, Johto
Affected RPers: None... yet.

Kirin, or "the Demon" he was called so often, was tired. His goals of revealing the 'Unknown Pokemon' and the mystery shrouding them made him come to this town where there should be some leads, and he was tired from his long journey. He was trying to not attract attention to himself; a Bisharp like him isn't native to this region, and would cause a commotion, not to mention he didn't like people in the first place. So far, it was working. He mainly stayed in the shadows of the buildings and the outskirts of the town, where there were no people.

Aside from trying to find leads on the Unknown Pokemon, he was also looking for something, or more precisely, someone else. From what he had gathered by 'talking' to the wild Pokemon ('talking' meaning holding his armblades on their necks until they tell him everything they know), there was a girl with flames sprouting out of her shoulders. When he heard it, he felt thrilled with anticipation of the foe. How powerful could one be if one had flames so powerful that they couldn't be controlled? The mysterious foe gave him some much-needed energy to go on further. He just hoped the girl was in the general area.

His hope was probably heard by Arceus, since at the exact moment he thought about her he heard a loud conversation nearby.

"You know that human that was here a few minutes that dashed into the woods? T-that was m-m-me..." A fearful voice said, about 50 metres south. A male voice spoke after her.

"Hey Moltres, I've got a Charizard with me, and maybe you two could interact? We could was to the Ruins where it's secluded. Mona, you're free to come too." Gotcha. He put the pieces together to A feral, demonic grin came over his face, explaning just why he was called "the Demon". A Moltres disguised as a human girl... I can't miss up a fight with a legendary, can I? Still with the sadistic grin on his face, he walked toward the three, unnoticed.

OOC: Long post, since I'm not on the same timezone as you guys, I should try to catch up.
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