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Default Shocking {by Dino}

The door you just ducked through shut; the lock clicking loudly. The room you entered was pitch black, no light. Then suddenly the a bright green light flashes from beneath you. You begin to see what surrounds you, which isn't much. The room is completely covered in tiles, but you can't see the end of it. Suddenly a voice speaks. It however is very electronic, almost autotuned.
Accept Challenge?

White holographic text appeared in front of you.
>Yes >No

You reach out hovering your hand in the light, before moving it over Yes.
Challenge Accepted
Magnetization Commence.

You suddenly feel like your in a elevator. The room you are in suddenly shot up as if jumping. The room begins to lean to the left and you have to run back to the lighted square to keep the room absolutely balanced.

Suddenly on the opposite side of the room a purple light appeared. Showing what looked like a silhouette of a young man.
Match Commence...
The wall and ceiling tiles began to flip over. On their opposite side they were grey and glowed slightly. You could now faintly see the entire room. Suddenly electronic music begins to play in the background.
Good Luck.
With that last saying from the electronic voice, the leaders tosses out his first pokemon.



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