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Default Re: Digimon Adventure: NEXT!

Tokyo, Minato
Wednesday, early morning

The rain was nice and cool, a welcome change from the resent bout of hot, dry weather. Occasinally, the percipation would intensify, but for the most part, it was gentle. Small puddles started to form on either side of the road, the water slowly accumulating. Sometimes, cars would create tiny splashs as they passed by, nothing nearly large enough to spray pedistrans.

As time passed, the showers weakened in strengh, eventually leaving a moderate layer of mist behind. This combined with the bright city lights made for a very surreal effect, which was only ammpified by the low reach of the moist film. It almost felt the opening to a mysterious story, how approriate indeed…

It was a little early, but already students were arriving for another day of high school. Clad in street clothes, they talked with friends, rushed last minute studying or tried to get a few more minutes of rest before the acedemic day began. Posters of the after classes pep rally were taked onto almost every wall, missing them was all but impossible. The atmosphere inside certainly did not match the foggy, quiet weather, most were loud and cheerful.

Kurosawa, Chouko
2nd Year

Despite being damp from her walk to school, Chouko Kurosawa was certainly not one of the few indifferant teenagers in the building. She wasn’t really into most sports, football was no expetion, but really enjoyed the festival attidude her classmates had these last few days. Even some of the teachers went on about how this was Minato’s first finale game in eons, a hint of pride clung onto their words. It was really a nice thing to witness!

“Hi guys!” the dark-haired girl called, her slate grey eyes locked onto her friends, one searching for something in her locker, the other watching and talking.

“Chouko-chan!” Erika responded, waving calmly. Her ligher locks were always tied, today, in a simple ponytail. The other girl poked her head out from her mess, and smirked. It was a little odd to see them, and everyone else, out of uniform during school time. In a good way of course!

“What are you looking for Rei?” she asked, staring at the small pile of paper that had accumulated beside the locker. The other girl groaned, reaching into the space, obviously in hopes of finding something.

“My scetchbook, I think I left in here… somewhere” she answered, her hand still moving through the muddle of sheets. This wasn’t unlike Rei, she often lost her stuff, but always found it again afterward. It didn’t help that her locker was a mess, and if not for her mother, so would her room. Erika, on the otherhand, was a neat person and rarly misplaced her items. Chouko was somewhere between them.

Rei’s search, however, was forced to conclude as the warning bell rung and people started heading out to their first class. The three girls parted ways, each having a different course during block one.

The lights flickered often in the morning, and less after lunch. The day itself was pretty average, until the last period. About half way through basic English, the room underwent a blackout, and when no other locals were avaible for use, the students were allowed to dismiss early, much to sensei’s chagrin. Having nothing else to do before the rally started, Chouko played a little Pokémon, trying level up her prized Shiny Vaporeon. Ningyo, now having reached the seventy five mark, was no longer easy raising, but the girl was determinded to reach one hundered. Time flew by fast…

“Chouko-chan! Let’s go before the best seats are taken,” Erika’s voice startled her, forcing the girl to drop the stylus she was actually still using. “Sorry,” her friend apologised, although Chou stated it was not nessary. After putting the eletronic gizmo back in her backpack, the two girls headed for the gym.

The room was still filling up when they arrived, most of the students sporting school colours, obviously in support of the football team. Banners and other dectorations littered the walls, music played, although the sound of the chattering managed to drown it out.
“Hey! What toke you guys so long?” Rei called, noticing her friends searching for a place to sit. It was hard to make her voice out over all the noise, and had she been furthur, they would have missed it.

“Have you seen Hiroshi?” Chouko asked, noticing her friend was alone. It was a little odd for him not the be there, he was usually the first to arrive. The other girl simply shock her head.

“He’s probably here, I just couldn’t find him,” she replied, brushing her long bangs from her face and toked them behind the left ear. Chou nodded, a little disapointed.

Once the bleatchers and the designated seating area reached capacity, the rally finally began. It didn’t take too long before they started handing out the awards.

“And last, but certainly not least, Suzuki Michi, most valuble player!” The crowd’s energy reached fever pitch once the team’s star was annonced.

“ Go Onī-san go!” Rei literally screamed, watching her brother receive his golden medal. Michi, despite being receiving one of the most prestigious awards, only smiled humbly. Seeing him now, it was almost impossible to tell this seventeen-year old was a fierce, strong football player. His personality seemed to shift on the field, normally; he was a calm, passive person.

The crowd’s cheers erupted once the medal was placed around the tall boy’s neck. Chouko found herself getting caught up in the festive attitude of her classmates, shouting the team’s chant a few times.

“Who wants to see these fine players sing?” The announcer was doing a great job keeping the students excited, although this wasn’t an exactly a difficult task. Most of the guys on the stage looked genuinely shocked, but that didn’t stop the masses from bursting into loud approval. It never really got any quieter…

Anyone whose ears were sensitive would have hated that rally. Even Chouko found herself with a bit of a headache afterward. None the less, it had been a fun evening, and given the choice, she would, without a doubt go again. After saying her goodbyes, the girl started for home, hoping her grandmother wouldn’t mind her being a little later then intended. She didn’t get far, however.

“Hey, Chouko!” a familiar, masculine voice called. She didn’t need to turn around, that tone only belonged to one person, Hiroshi. “Where did you guys go?”

“Hiroshi!” Smiling, the dark-haired teenager turned around, and spotted her friend emerging from the small group of students clustered around the school. “We couldn’t find you.”

“Should have figured, it got full pretty quickly,” he replied, and to this, Chouko nodded.

“I’m amazed they managed to fit that many people in the gym,”

“They wanted to do it outside, but with the weather being so weird…”

“… having it inside was a safer bet.” The girl finished for him, earning a laugh from Hiroshi. He seemed like he wanted to add something else, but was interrupted before speaking.

“Hiro-kun! Your mom said we’re leaving now!” A freshman by the name of Aimi appeared, forcing a sigh from the boy. She was his younger cousin, and had a tendency of being a little annoying, especially to him.

“Okay, okay!” he retorted, and turned back to Chouko.

“Gotta go, see you tomorrow,” his voice was faster, almost nervous. The sudden change struck the girl as odd, although she didn’t have the time to uncover the reason. With another goodbye, Chouko turned around and once again, started for home.

Luckily for her, the apartment wasn’t too far away, and the walk usually didn’t take that long. At first, the stroll was uneventful, the only odd thing being delicate white flakes falling gently down to earth. However, the sky barley even housed any clouds at the moment. The weather was acting really funny in the past while… a little like the electronics actually. Could the two be linked?

Ignoring her own question, Chouko’s mind drifted to happier things. She was finally nearing the end of her history report, something that had been dragging for the longest time. Sacrifcing all that freetime would be worth earning permission to…

… something strange pulsed through the girl, almost like a weak jolt of electricity. Seconds later, her legs froze to the ground, and she found herself unable to move any furthur. Instinctlively, she forced her slate eyes both ways, trying to locate the source of this. Instead, this act simply resulted in a painful headache, for worse then the previous one. Spinning, it felt like her body was moving in a tight circle, although nothing was happening. An acient, almost godly, voice began to echo from within.

"Five strange fingers form Fate’s hand,
Each one plays part at Fate’s command.
A clouded past, the answers it keeps,

Until its time each secret sleeps.
When pain is truth and truth is pain,
The Evil of The Past shall be freed again.
Five shall go but five shall not return,
Vain hope and pride in terror burn."

Once the last word was uttered, Chouko felt her body return to normal. After having sighed in relief, the girl looked ahead, only to notice a short figure standing straight ahead. It was hard to make out any facial features, for the person masked his face. This was abnormal, more so then red toothbrushes and green jelly, far more. In fact, almost instinctively, she toke a few steps back, never taking her eyes off him. Instead of turning around or approching, he actually reveiled his face. Chouko wished he hadn’t.

Despite his wrinkled face and impossibly thin eyebrows, it was those bulging eyes that managed to really freak the girl out. Noticing her expression change, the old man spoke “Do not be afraid, Chouko,” revealing many yellowed teeth and holes within his mouth. This was just too much!

Eyes widdening, she toke one last step back before darting the other way. The dark-haired teenager knew she wasn’t the fastest, but surely, it wouldn’t betoo hard to outrun this guy. Dead wrong. When those brown robes appeared before her, that’s when the panic started to really sink in. Wasting no time, the freakish man, with surprising strengh, grabbed her wrist and brought it up to his own face. Still afraid, but willing to let herself be harmed, Chouko tried to resist, but her best effort was nowhere near good enough.

It was only when her hand started to flash banana yellow did she finally stop. She could only gaze in awe as a bizzare, almost alien, symbol. “What the heck,” the mouthed, her eyes darting the man’s face, almost in hopes of acquring some sort of explaination. Her fear was slowly surcoming to curiousity, but was not met with the answer she’d expected. He was smirking, which was followed by a swift series of chuckles.

“W-what’s going on?!” Chouko demanaded, finally speaking to this figure.

"Do not worry child Willpower, Kurosawa Chouko, your time is inching, and soon, everything will be made clear. Be prepared for the long road ahead,”

The girl could only blink, that statement leaving far more questions than answering any.

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