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Default Re: PE2K shop?

Well, on the forums I visit, they had the shop and the credits were only good for that.

Items were.
-increased pm box
-username change
-username color change
-customizable userbar via art boards. I don't know if anyone can do that here.

Some of the much higher ones.
-one sticky.
-one warning/infraction point deduction. This could only happen once.
-join the staff chat for a day

I'm sure many more ideas can be made.
As for sections, credits could be awarded in the Battling section, a fee in any ASB or URPG game, it could actually service as currency there, Art boards for sigs, avatars, banners etc.

So yeah, I'm glad you all seem to like this idea. I'm just doing my part to make the forum awesomer-er then it already is. ;D

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