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Default Re: The Pokemon Plot; Unknown Pokemon

Harry Stumper
Keeping the Secret
Violet Town, Johto

I couldn't believe my eyes on what just had happened. One minute I'm talking to this person and them a flying Moltres comes out of nowhere! It spoke.

"Sorry to interupt"

I couldn't even get over the fact that she was right here. I tried to keep my cool and had my Elekid stand down. I just found out about all this and this happens. I knew that something was up. All I had to do now was talk to both of them.

"Err, Mona? You mind if we had a word elsewhere? Say the coffee shop around the corner? I have a feeling we have much more in common then it imposes."

It would seem that fate brought us together. I did keep in the back of my mind however, that all this could have been planned..or that she wasn't who she seemed to be.

The Moltres kept covering her face, as if to hide something. I gently tried to remove her wing and soothe her down. Of course, I didn't want to get in a fight either. I did it as best I could and hoped she would comply.

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