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Default Re: The Pokemon Plot; Unknown Pokemon

Amber (Moltres-Human form)
Violet City, Johto

Leaves rustled in the breeze and the Pidgey stopped singing as a human walked past me. Was he of the evil team trying to get the secret out? No matter, I didn’t wish to get in anyone’s way or anything...yet. Nothing seemed to annoy me until the girl that had walked back over, unscrewing her bottle cap and dumping water on my shoulders. Sure, they were on fire, but they were that way for a reason.

“What the...What was that for?” I asked, getting up from my sitting position. The flames on my shoulders flickered, not liking the fact that my shoulders were wet. My hair started to catch on fire, as it did when I was mad or when I was about to transform. This time, thank god, I wasn’t transforming. My hair soon stopped going crazy, turning back to its normal black color.

Mia Dreams
Getting the secret out
Violet City, Johto

I walked out of my mother’s house, waving to my parents as I left. I had told them that I would be practicing my magic today and going to the Sprout Tower to train my Espeon, Gem. I hadn’t lied; I just wasn’t going to train at the Sprout Tower, rather in front of it. It was normal for my real mother to battle in front of a special place, such as Sprout Tower. My mother couldn’t even think about battling indoors in places other than a gym.

I walked around on the cobblestone streets until I was feet away from the bridge. I saw two people, one with flames coming out of her short-sleeved shirt, and one with a black bag and glasses. Strange, I had never thought I’d see two people like that close to one another.

I attempted to ignore them and looked at Gem. She looked beautiful. Her coat has been brushed and she had a small flower by her right ear. The gem on her forehead sparkled in the sunlight. In my opinion, nothing could look more beautiful than Gem.
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