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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

Originally Posted by TheEvilDookie View Post
Unless you can provide a good example from YouTube or something with an M-rated video game being advertised with a celebrity in it, this argument is total crap.
Kobe Bryant, Jimmy Kimmel

Promotional events are surrounded by celebrities as well.

The school shooter type is so rare, that coming to that point would most likely be to blame on mental instability or that atmosphere in which they grew up was unhealthy (which is actually what the two were: one being a psychopath, and the other deeply depressed). I'm pretty sure that the Columbine shooters didn't kill their peers and teachers because they played Doom.
But playing the game likely was the switch that turned them into killers, if they hadn't been introduced to the violence they may have never performed the killings. A ban would keep this switch from being turned on, possibly, and maybe the person could get some help before they go and do something rash (like kill innocents and then themselves).

"In another study conducted by Gentile, Lynch, Linder & Walsh (2004, p.6) "adolescent girls played video games for an average of 5 hours a week, whereas boys averaged 13 hours a week". The authors also stated that teens who play violent video games for extended periods of time:
  • Tend to be more aggressive
  • Are more prone to confrontation with their teachers
  • May engage in fights with their peers
  • See a decline in school achievements. (Gentile et al, 2004)."
Originally Posted by Alaska
You don't think they've changed our culture at all? Many people now have two personalities; one they use online and one they use in real life. As more and more people spend major amounts of their free time online, that becomes an incredibly significant culture change. What will life be like in a decade or two, when everyone is walking around as an average Joe in the real world and as a Pokemon trainer or a knight or if you play Second Life, a hooker, in the game world?
May I remind you that we are talking about video games in terms of art as being able to communicate ideas. You describe video game culture, but you do not describe specific video games that can change culture and people's school of thought. There's many ways to define art, but the kind we're talking about is fine art; in the case of books, it's called books of literary merit. That means when I talk about books, I'm not talking about Harry Potter or American Psycho. I'm talking about literature, such as Crime and Punishment and Heart of Darkness. These novels have well crafted themes, symbols, and literary devices that ones you mentioned do not.

If all teenagers and children emulate things they see in movies, books, violent video games, and porn, I'd either be in death row right now, or bathing in the blood of my latest victim. However, I am neither. I think the same could be said for quite a few people. As for porn... well, everyone knows that GOOD teenagers never watch porn, amiright, Jr? ;D
Of course not all teenagers and children will emulate everything they see or hear. But there will be an amount of them that do, and to protect those that do it would be in the best interest of everyone to ban things, such as violent video games, that children may emulate and cause harm to themselves and others.

And yes, to answer your question, a good well behaved child wouldn't watch pornography; it is illegal.

Firstly, if you consider books art forms, then you'll realize that there are many books, some of which considered classics that involve large amounts of violence, some of it against women.
I never stated that because of violence that video games were not art.

Originally Posted by white wolf
You've obviously been stuck playing Mario all of your life or something, because saying that video games do not have the ability to move you is like saying Pokemon, as a strategy game, does not have the ability to make you smarter.
No. I've actually played quite the array of video games. None of them have changed me in any significant way.

Final Fantasy 10 made me cry, and it wasn't only me. My family and everyone else I know cried as well, at the end. It was the most moving game I've ever played. And what about Final Fantasy 7, one of the holders for Game Informer's "most shocking video game moment in history" award? A lot of people cried over that, though I won't spoil it for anybody.
Did the ending of FFXII change your life in some way? I highly doubt it. Did it make you feel different about your surroundings? I, once again, doubt it. You cried because you were in the moment of the game, connected to the characters. It did not show or explain something in the world. Art from the French Revolution or the famous Washington Crossing the Delaware, show how the world is. Art from the French Revolution is mostly depressing and sad, as that part of France's history was filled with blood shed. Washington's portrait showed triumph as the colonists were finally ridding of British rule. Even today these works of art move people, showing them how it was in past time.

Video games do not have this effect. Centuries from now they will not show how the world was or represent anything.

Even the best people were exposed to violence and sex and everything else that occurs in M-rated games, but that doesn't make them bad and automatically corrupts them. It's something we really can't prevent.
We can prevent from corrupting children and teens though. Many mediums of corruption are from video games, as that is where many kids spend their free time. With a ban this would slow down or retract this corruption from happening until kids are of age and can make safe choices for themselves.
Call of Duty: Black Ops is rated M for mature just because we're going around shooting people. Do you know how many people would rage if they couldn't play CoD anymore just because of a stupid ban? A lot. xD
Do you know many people were mad when gun laws were put into place? A lot. Did that stop the government from enforcing the gun laws? No. Do you know why gun laws were put into place? Because it made the world a safer place. With a ban on violent video games children will be safer to themselves and others.
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