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Default Re: PE2K shop?

Originally Posted by Simmi View Post
Oooo aaa I know this one!! :D

What Puh-tree-cee-oh's is describing is a Vbulletin addon

This one would probably come somewhat close to it. Anyway these vbulletin add's can be modified if one knows coding. So if we add that addon to the forum we can use currency/money and I'm sure these "items" can be added into the addon with some editing, unless it's already a part of it. :)

Anyway what really is standing in the way of this idea happening is that Ryan, the admin, isn't active and he's the only one that has FTP access.

So this is doable, but only if Ryan does it.
That's the exact one. Let's just hope Ryan comes on coincidentally soon. I'm more then positive that this would be nothing short of an activity booster to the site.

You rock dude. =]

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