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Default Re: The Pokemon Plot; Unknown Pokemon

Mona Nakayoshi
Getting the secret out
Violet City, Johto

I had only arrived in Johto a few days ago and I had somehow made my way to Violet City. I heard that there were wise old men in the famous Sprout Tower which was located in the very city. Entering the city limits, it didn't take long to go spot the tall structure in the distance. Walking over the first bridge, a bright orange glow caught my eye. I spotted a girl with... flaming shoulders? ...sitting close to the water. I paid no mind to her at first since she didn't seem to be bothered by the flames as I began walking over the 2nd bridge. I was only about halfway across the bridge when that little voice in my head told me to go help her out. I groaned, walking back over to her, standing behind the fiery girl. Taking out my bottle of water, I unscrewed the cap and without any warning, I poured the water on her, though it had no visible effect.

Adjusting my glasses, I muttered softly: "..Hm... strange..."
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