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Default The Pokemon Plot; Unknown Pokemon

Welcome to The Pokémon Plot’s RP page...thing.

SU/DS thread

1.) No godmodding whatsoever.
2.) Bunnying without permission is prohibited.
3.) We shall start in Violet City, Jhoto unless you have a late SU. If your SU is late, your character should go wherever your team (Legendarys, Keeping the secret, Getting the secret out) is for the most part.
4.) It is recommended that you have an En Route post between cities, then a leaving and arrival post, but it is not needed if hardly anyone is with you. If there are a group of people, it would be a good idea that you do so (Unless you have posted late, eh?)
5.) Please post in this format:
[Character Name] [Form(If it has forms)]
[Character’s Team]
Ho-Oh [Human form]
Sprout Tower, Johto

6.) Give NPC characters a chance to attack if you are attacking them unless they are Punch bag Bob. All punching bags do is getting punched and, if punched too hard, slap you in the face.


Amber (Moltres Human Form)
Violet City, Johto.

It was a sunny day out; no clouds could be seen in the sky whatsoever. I smiled and walked on the cobblestone streets of Violet City, Johto’s small yet second 'largest' city. I had once lived here, in another life. I looked around. I couldn’t see the Berry Man that normally stood by the Pokémon Center, handing berries to everyone whom gave him a shard.

Pokémon were running around everywhere. I could have sworn, I saw a Charmander jump out of a tree and run across the street ahead of me. I was slightly human, but some humans looked at me as if I really were the bird. My shirt seemed to be flaming at the shoulders, and my nose was a bit more pointed than normal human’s noses would be.

"Hey, dude, your shirt its-"

I never gave them a chance to finish, I just walked away. I ran towards the bridge to Sprout Tower and walked carefully over it. I didn’t walk over the second, I walked close to the water and sat down, looking back at the town.
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