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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

OOC: I apologise for taking so long to do this post. Things impeded my progress. I apologise again if this post sucks or is confusing in any ways.

If I put Scene Setting then that is because that bit that follows is not centered around any of my characters, and instead is setting the scene for the roleplay- bringing in major events into focus and the knowledge of the rest of the roleplayers and such.

All speech by Russians/Chinese is written in english for eligible reading, but they are speaking in their tongue, unless otherwise specified. The members of the UN will all speak in english due to being from a multitude of nationalities, however, in times of stress and other things, the UN soldiers may resort back to their native tongue(if they don't naturally speak english as a first language)
The Russians are seen as enemies by everyone- they aren't welcome by the common people, human or otherwise, due to the bombing of the east coast, and the Washington D.C. Incident(which will appear later in my post).
The Chinese are like the saviours, the rescuers, but are not seen as such by the X-Force and the UN, both seeing the Chinese as unrightful invaders.
The UN is probably the balance, as they are loved by the common people(who have been aided by their efforts in the center) whilst they are accepted as being allies by the X-Force.

If any of the above paragraph, or anything else confuses you, or If you have any questions, don't hesitate to pm me or DarkAmethyst.

I am also contemplating putting a map of the powers in the sign-up thread, so keep an eye out for that over the next few hours.

Alexander "Blade" Maverick
Alexander Regime
Manipulation of Metal
En route to New York, Diverting to the Military Base northwest of New York

"This attack was just a test. We were not looking to destroy them, and kill them. To do so would make them martyrs and would make us even more enemies. We shall teach them that fighting us is foolish, and that it is in their best interests to side with us, and surrender, rather than continue to fight us." Alexander smiled. "You didn't need to destroy as much as you did, but it did show our power, so it still is a good thing. I hoped to kill their leader, the first one skewered by a pole, as that would of weakened their resolve tremendously, as he is the instigator of everything, but then again killing him could cause them to rise up in masses. Fighting a rebel cause is tricky business. Kill them and you make more enemies, don't kill them and you're at risk, in the end, it is best to crush them and weaken them, rather than decimate them."

Alexander frowned for a second, something troubling him, and he raised his hand for the army to stop moving.

"Something doesn't feel right." Alexander stated, and moments later explosions split the air in the distance, smoke billowing from the direction they were heading. "It seems that we've been hit by a pre-emptive strike, but from whom, that is something that interests me. I heard that Russia and China were looking to invade and stake claims upon the land, so either one of them is plausible. Could also be the UN, but attacking the country isn't their style, their target is me, so they'd come for me."

Alexander motioned for the army to continue marching, changing direction to roughly northwards, heading for the secret military base that was his own personal high-tech base, with state of the art Kabari Tech plating and other materials within.

"You have no need to worry. Next time, I won't ruin your fun." Alexander explained. "For now, we let the X-Force recuperate and think about whether it wants to continue on its suicide path. If they choose to continue on their path, they die. If not, they are our puppets."

Scene setting

The Russian fleet came to a steady speed off the east coast of the United States of America. The cities on the coast could be seen quite clearly from any bridge of the fleet, surprising due to the size of the Russian fleet, which spanned presumably hundreds of miles, and numbered thousands of ships.

"Admiral, the cities are within firing range, what are your orders?" the Russian co-Admiral asked, in fluent Russian.

"We fire upon the American scum. Their cities shall burn." Admiral Stoyenov replied, without breaking his focus upon the coast.

The command was shouted and spread across the fleet for the guns to open fire, and moments later the air was rendered with a volcanic eruption of noise as the guns fired, spewing their shells miles through the air, crashing into buildings and into streets. Smoke billowed into the air, as Stoyenov surveyed the destruction, smiling at the sight.

"Now, landing fleet advance." Stoyenov ordered.

Stoyenov retired from the bridge of the RRS(Royal Russian Ship) Karyinoshikov, pride and joy of the Russian fleet, as the mass of small landing vessels broke away from the fleet and began surging towards the eastern coast and the ruins of the eastern cities of America.
Meanwhile, in the west, Chinese forces landed without resistance or firing upon the cities, and were welcomed as saviours by the humans of the cities, having all been pushed to the one side of the country, several million cooped up in each city, much like refugees, or Africans living in shanty towns, with makeshift huts spanning much of the west. The Chinese soldiers were shocked at the sights they saw, at how the humans were being treated, but welcomed the Chinese, rather than shunning them.

The Chinese quickly began to set up aid for the civilians, offering them better shelter as well as food and water. The west was essentially subdued and under control of the Chinese within minutes of their arrival, without any fighting or bloodshed, and they had amassed thousands upon thousands of conscripts who wanted to aid China in getting rid of the Alexander regime.
The Apache helicopters tore through the air, having come from the south. The pilot in the lead chopper glanced to his right, where in the distance he could just make out rows upon rows of smoke culminating from the south and going northwards, and he wondered what had happened to cause that amount of smoke, but right now his focus was on arriving at the destination that they had been set. The pilot could see Oklahoma City in the distance, one of the many cities that the UN would be using as their strongholds in Central USA in their effort to defeat the Alexander Regime, and restore peace and prosperity to America.

The central lands were also between the advancing forces of China and Russia, and the UN hoped to stop the two countries before they became a threat to the people, or more importantly to the survival of America as a country, as well as the stability of world order. The UN were peacekeepers, but the weaponry they were bringing in was definitely not for peacekeeping matters, it was for warfare. A war had begun, and the devastation could be astronomical. For now, focus was just in America, but what if the focus changed to elsewhere, then there would be problems.

Keiru Kabari "Justice" and Amy Kabari "Vengeance"
Electricity/Induced Radioactivity
Enlightened School for Mutants

Amy had been handed her gloves by a student, and quickly placed them back upon her hands, releasing a soft sigh of relief over the fact that she now did not threaten those around her. She looked around at the devastation, and her heart sank, sorrow filling her instantly. Many students had been killed or injured, and those not injured were seeing to the removal of the bodies, preparing to give them proper burials. Meanwhile several mutants were setting about using their powers to repair the school, but it would take at the earliest several hours to make the school even sustainable at the current point. The east wing had been surprisingly unharmed, but the other wings were practically dust and rubble.

Amy frowned, contemplating what it was that she was next going to do, but turned her attention upon her brother who was barely able to stand, and remained still for several moments, regaining his composure.

"I know you all must be feeling down over this, no, that's stupid, obviously you're feeling down, no more than that. Many of your friends were killed or maimed, and some of you may question whether we here can protect you. The answer is we can. The regime of Alexander, our president is one of evil, and of corruption. We cannot allow this corruption to continue and infect the entire world, we must cut the stem, and kill the roots, so the threat dies. That is why I-" Keiru stopped, to glance at his sister. "And my sister created the X-Force. It is also why we set up this school. We created this school to protect and ensure the preservation of the just and peaceful ways that we should be living in, rather than the war-torn America that Alexander is bringing. He has brought invading armies upon our shores, Russia and China are probably already here, occupying cities, in their thirst for conquering the- in their view- fruitful lands of America whilst the strife is on over Alexander."

"We must not allow America to become corrupted further, or to fall to Russia or China. America must remain free, it must remain peaceful. Which is why we must take action. Stand with us, the X-Force, and save America, and stop the evil and corrupt that seek to end the peace and install their own desires." Keiru continued.

Keiru hadn't really wanted to express the open invitation to all the students, but it was necessary. Due to him, they had been put into danger. To leave them as they were, or to send them away would be to put them in more danger. The best thing for them was to induct them into the X-Force, and send them to the various bases across the country, the locations hidden to everyone besides the leader of the base and Keiru. It was time that Operation Freedom was launched.

"Ichiru,Kiseki,Kotomi,Nalani I want you to come with me." Keiru stated. "Totem, Huntsman it would be nice if you came as well."

Keiru left without saying anything else, heading for the east wing. He walked quickly enough that he'd get to the library within a minute or two, but slow enough that the students would be able to catch up and walk with him. Amy glanced at Kiseki for several seconds, before sighing, and following her brother.
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