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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

Originally Posted by The pokemaster View Post
I'm going to start off with the whole, "video games negatively affect people" thing. And I do believe it's true.
I agree with this, though some video games such as educational ones promote intelligence and good behavior, though many teens wouldn't play these games, I'm sure these war games inform the player as how the war went on and such. And the media portrays the world to be bad because it makes a good story. No one would care so much as if the media promoted the world. People like juicy stories, which is why they spice it up so they can sell it to the media. And I also agree that many of the video games today are violent, and they are changing teens, but I've only seen change as to them being addicted to the game, not that they go off and be violent. Like I said before, Teens won't just go off and say, "I saw this on this violent game and we should do it!". You have to know that the sterotypes of teenagers aren't true for most individuals, but I'm not saying all teens are "obedient" and I'm not saying some don't "rebel".

Yes, there are kids who are already messed up, but a majority of people aren't, and do things because they don't know any better. Not everyone are as intelligent as you lot, and can, and will, do things because they saw it on a game, and won't know any better, and then they could seriously injure themselves, someone else, or completely ruin their life.
There are smart teens out there and the utterly stupid, but merely a fraction will do what they saw on a video game. And those teens who would "ruin their life" would most likely be from drinking and drugs, and texting while driving and drinking under the influence and what not, but I don't have a doubt in my mind that it wouldn't be from video games. They also most certainly can do what they saw from a game, but I don't think they would go out and hollow horse carcuses, becuase they would have nothing to gain.

Now, I absolutely love these games
If you love these games, you wouldn't be able to play them if the ban occurs. :P
And I'd say A LOT of teens would be sitting around doing nothing if it wasn't for these games, becuase most teens are lazy if I do say so my self. They'd rather sit and eat junk food then go out and swim or something recreational. And when teens play these games, they ususally get caught up in the game and do not eat for 6-8 hours! Keeping them from stuffing greasy, junk down their throats.

That's just my thought on your post. But, don't think that I utterly hate you or anything, I'm just trying to prove a point!
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