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Default Re: [WAR X] Debate Section

I know that my community in my area would be completely different to the community in wherever the rest of you live, but the way I see it, video games are just as bad, if not worse, than movies and the media for giving young teenagers the wrong impression. The media give so much publicity to bad behaviour, and so much publicity to people who abuse drugs or alcohol.
You know, when I see news stories about people overdosing on drugs and alcohol, it makes me NOT want to do them. The media reports negative things because they get more viewers that way. Technology has always been villainized by the media. It used to be TV and rock and roll, now its rap, the internet, and video games. Also, as for movies giving teenagers the wrong impressions... ever seen Requiem for a Dream or Leaving Las Vegas? Those movies make drinking and drugs look like ever so much fun. :b Some video games, like Grand Theft Auto that portray the character drinking/doing drugs, clearly make it known that the main character isn't a good dude. Or if you play LA Noir, it's the criminals doping up. Either way, most kids are able to distinguish between real life and make believe. Nobody's going to start drinking or shooting up just because they saw it happen in a video game or movie.

But teenagers have started becoming more and more violent, because of the negative media, and video games have adapted to suit their more violent audience.

If video games are adapting to be more violent because the consumers are already violent, how are they making an impact? If the consumers are already killing people....

Games like Call of Duty, Bioshock, and Red Dead Redeption, which are very mainstream around my area right now, all contain ridiculoous violence. Red Dead Redeption, for example. is almost constant 3rd person shooting, references to alcohol and drugs, overly excessive swearing, and almost deem it okay to shoot that random stranger on the road.

Once again, just because something is done in a game, doesn't mean most people are going to think it's okay in real life. Nobody watches Kill Bill or Saw and thinks they can run around killing people. Also, I don't understand why people care so ******* much about swearing. (See what I did there?) Unless you're using a racial slur, I don't get why it's so offensive. It's just a way of expressing yourself. Also, all of those games take place in places or times where killing people is okay. If you're in the army, sometimes you've gotta shoot people. Same thing with being a cowboy in the 1800s, or whatever the hell happened in Bioshock. If you ever find yourself armed with a piece of pipe in a dystopian underwater landscape, by all means, feel free to use it.

Heck, you can shoot animals and skin them. And when you skin them, blood splashes all over your screen, and you can see a de-skinned carcass of a horse. It's horrific.

I've shot and cleaned out animals in real life, though the largest was a deer rather than a horse.... Still, I'm pretty well balanced. Tons of people take their kids hunting and they usually don't end up being serial killers.

Death isn't something that should be taken lightly, but I, and my friends as well, all do it instinctively. Honestly, at times, we're just like the next group of idiotic morons, and we have done stupid things like jumping off rooves, just because we can. We all know better than that, and sometimes we can stop ourselves, but sometimes we just ignore that, because sub-consciously, we think we can get away with it, because in a lot of games, you can jump off a cliff without any repercussions, and it takes one of us to break their leg before we realise we shouldn't do it, and god knows we aren't the only ones.

You're telling me that you jumped off a roof, because you're used to being able to do it in video games and weren't afraid of getting hurt? That sounds like a personal problem, bro. Most people don't go around jumping off of buildings or running in front of cars because they saw it happen in a video game. As for desensitization from death... That can almost be a good thing, as long as you know not to go killing people. I've had to hold animals while they get put to sleep and that nature. Crying all over the place wouldn't have helped things. Maybe it would be better for our culture if we didn't flip out every time something died. As long as we still value human life, which I don't think video games have the power to change, seeing as they're made of pixels, not flesh and bones.

Yes, there are kids who are already messed up, but a majority of people aren't, and do things because they don't know any better. Not everyone are as intelligent as you lot, and can, and will, do things because they saw it on a game, and won't know any better, and then they could seriously injure themselves, someone else, or completely ruin their life.

Natural Selection. Caching. I'm kidding, of course, but give me some examples of people who have screwed up their life or managed to kill themselves because of something they saw in a video game or even on a movie or TV show, where that person wasn't already in a bad situation.

Yes, I won't be happy about this change, and yes, my friends won't be happy about this change, but small steps need to be taken, to make this society less violent, lest your chiildren, or even our children, when we get there, become even worse. Which, if we keep going the way we are, god knows they will.

I wasn't aware you were able to see into the future and saw a Mad Max-esqe apocalyptic wasteland where people committed horrible acts because they saw too much violence in video games and television. You should get people to pay you money for that or write a book or something.

With the WoW example, I hardly think you can compare elfs casting spells at ogres to gain gold coins to buy stuff (read: fantasy) with men having their way with women while swearing all the time and mugging people or whatever they do in those games (because, I admit, I'm not personally one who makes a habit of playing these games).
As for this, this discussion is about ALL violent video games, not just ones that take place in non fantasy settings, which is why I included it as an example. Also, not many games have very much sexual content. Even with the hookers/strippers in GTA, you don't really see much happen.

If kids are as impressionable as you say, then why are there not kids trying to shove themselves down green pipes, running at high speeds and trying to break stuff by doing multiple flips in the air, or anything else from popular game franchises?

And I agree with this.
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